Customize your dashboard to your best comfort

Wallet app’s new update brings you a brand new customizable dashboard and new widgets! Personalize the way to save money to suit you best.

Each of us can have different money-handling and saving strategies. Different statistics have various importance to us, we need to access some information more frequently than other. So why not customize your financial app? Wallet now enables just that!

We’ve made a new, more intuitive and comprehensible dashboard you can customize to suit you best. You can choose from a variety of widgets to put on your dashboard, then drag and drop them to change their order. This way, you can always view the information you want immediately when you open Wallet.

So what widgets can you choose from? Currently there are Cash Flow, Balance, Balance chart, Last records overview, Week record distribution, and Pie chart of expenses per category. That’s just the start, many more are coming ;)! Do you have an idea about what you’d like to see on your dashboard? Let us know and we’ll consider it.

The full set of widgets will be available in premium versions, the basic set in the free app. But don’t worry if you don’t want to use premium right now – all the functions embedded within the widgets are still available in the free version exactly where they had been before (like pie charts in graphs). Your view of your finance will always be as easy and accessible as possible! And other upcoming widgets will make it even better.

Want a glimpse of how to use the new dashboard? Watch the video below.

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