How to save money? Every penny counts! (part two)

The first part of our article focused on saving on food, controlling bad habits and comfort. Today, we’ll have a look at several easier ways to save money without restricting yourself too much.

Handling bonus money

Did you receive an unexpected bonus at work? Found ten bucks lying on the pavement? Each unexpected dollar seems to us like a green light on the way to spending! We’re tempted to buy things we didn’t want spending our “regular” money on and we don’t actually need. Impulsive shopping, even if just with the money you weren’t “supposed” to have, are a big turnoff from the journey to financial independence. Save the money and if it after a while still tempts you to buy unnecessary but desired things, put a part away and spend the rest with clear conscience. However, always say a resolute NO! to the first impulse to spend all of it immediately.

Bank charges

Do you really still pay these, seriously? Devote a moment of your time to familiarizing yourself with the market and finding a bank that doesn’t rob you of your money just because you’re their customer.

Consider carefully why you’re with your old bank and calculate the pros and cons of different options. Take your time and decide wisely, hurried and impulsive decisions never prove useful in business.


A dollar here, a dollar there…

Giving ourselves a treat for a few dollars that are not vital for our financial balance is a frequent vice. True, it’s just a couple of dollars and if we have thousand-dollar debts, it can’t save us and at least we make ourselves happy for a moment. We think that once, twice, and soon it becomes hundreds a month. Thoughtlessly spending “just a few bucks” is better avoided. Don’t forget to write down every temptation resisted. After a while, you’ll see how much money you saved and you’ll feel all the more motivation to continue!

This may sound like we should stop enjoying our lives. But think about it – what does enjoying one’s life actually mean? Is it buying more stuff or living a life with less anxiety and more free time? Whatever the answer is, limiting your expenses and creating an emergency supply of money is worth doing. In a couple of months, you’ll see the results when your money doesn’t just disappear into nowhere but instead every dollar adds to the previous one and you don’t need to anxiously count the days to the next paycheck. Frugality doesn’t equal ascetism; instead, it can lead to a happier and more balanced life.

And what’s your treat you can’t give up spending a few dollars on, even if you know you could?

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