Keep your receipts organized and accessible!

“Where can I have left it? I didn’t throw it out, did I?!” Sounds familiar? A friend utters these words in despair every time he needs to refund or repair something or find receipts for his taxes. Storing receipts and warranties for such cases is paramount – but let’s be honest, do you do it on a regular basis and with a system? You needn’t worry anymore: You can easily store all the warranty information in Wallet!

How to do it? Just follow this easy tutorial!

  1. Create a new record, add its value and category.
  2. Swipe from the right and add any additional info you may need, including the warranty time. Add the attachment: Click on the picture icon next to the Attachments label.
  3. Choose to attach an electronic file (for example an invoice you downloaded from an e-shop or received by e-mail) or take a picture.
  4. Simply snap a photo of the receipt with your camera.
  5. Crop the picture if you need.
  6. Ready! Just save the record :).


Although most stores still require the physical original of a receipt or warranty in order to accept your claim, Wallet can help you with it too: After taking a picture of the document, write down in the record description where you’ve kept the original. This way you’ll always instantly know where to look for it.

Which receipts should you keep? Any medical bills, work or job seeking expenses, items with an active warranty or refund possibility (e.g. electronics, furniture, some clothing items or shoes etc.), anything you may need for taxes. It’s not complicated: You’ve got a system now :)!

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