Manage your finances in a new way

A brand new version of the Wallet by BudgetBakers mobile and web application has been released! We’d like to introduce you some of its new features so that you can overview your money most effectively.

Work together

We believe that the biggest strength of wise financial management in a family lies in working together. That’s why our application enables sharing selected accounts and shopping lists with your partner or family members. Why is that important? It enables you to have a joint spending and money-saving plan. You’ll always know immediately how much you have saved as a family, how does your holiday budget work or what you need to buy this week. Sharing will give each of you a positive feedback and result in much less confusion and fewer misunderstandings than if you had each kept a separate log. You always forget some bits when discussing saving strategies, planned spendings or budgets. The app, however, will remember for you or your partner and family and keep you all informed!

Divide and conquer

You may think that you only need one account in the app to manage your finances. However, if you’re juggling personal and business finances, bank accounts in different currencies or just savings accounts for different purposes (which tends to work better than just having one general savings account), breaking your expenses and incomes down to multiple accounts can give you greater understanding of your money flow. You may try out how it works for you in any of the Wallet by BudgetBakers Premium trials. Divide and conquer your finances!

Just knowing

Budgeting is worth nothing if you don’t keep tabs on how much you spend and earn over time. Many people dislike budgets because they don’t reflect the not-so-much predictable reality of our lives. We never know when our car breaks down, we fall ill, plumbing in our flat gets stuck, we need to travel on a quick notice… However, budgeting remains useful despite these unpredictable occurrences. They’re what our reserves are for, while budgets should reflect more of the usual routine. In any case we need to be able to look at our spending habits and analyze them. BudgetBakers’ Wallet app enables all of that and more. Now reports can also be exported into PDF files for you to look them up easily anytime and keep them stored. Managing your money wisely is a long-term project. Start by knowing your personal finance in-depth; always knowing.

Be swift and elegant

Simple, clean, elegant, swift ”“ these were the attributes we aimed to when using material design for the new version of our app. We love minimalism and a touch of whimsy alike, strive for functionality as well as friendliness. Design affects our lives, can make them more pleasant, easier, comprehensible ”“ and that’s one of our goals. So be elegant and swift as well; minimalistic but warm; responsible as well as fun. And have fun while handling your finance because it’s possible to enjoy serious matters, especially if you feel you’re making progress. That’s what we’d like to help you with. Start now. It’s entirely in your hands and you have the power!


If you weren’t sure how some feature worked or seeked advice on how to use them most effectively, don’t hesitate to ask us on our social media or tech support. We’ll be glad to help you!

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