New reports for better finance management

We’re sending you the first experimental yearly report to help you track your financial progress. The report should show you your cash flow, top categories based on the overall expenses and their development throughout the previous year. We hope you’ve been doing well and are on the path to doing even better!

We will soon start sending weekly reports as well. The goal of the reports is to make it easier for you to regularly see your financial progress. Not all of us look at reports directly in Wallet every week, yet tracking our progress regularly is essential in order to set ourselves challenges and achieve them. If you’re in for the Wallet money challenge, be it the classic 52-week challenge or any other you’ve set for yourself, these reports should be able to help you!

Have you liked the first yearly report? Did you miss anything in it? Let us know! We strive to make finance management as easy and comfortable for you as possible!



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