New Year with BudgetBakers

Everybody wants to make improvements at this time of year. For many, the New Year is a fresh chance to get things right that we’ve never quite managed before.

That’s why, thanks to our incredible community, BudgetBakers had a record breaking December this year, with thousands of new Wallet users, and hundreds of new premium customers. Many told us that they signed up to fulfill their New Years resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions for BudgetBakers

In the coming month, we’ll be talking a bit about how to keep on track with those resolutions, and build a richer life for the coming year, and hopefully many more years to come.

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Full Wallet for iOS coming soon!

What you may not know, speaking of stuff that’s new, is that BudgetBakers Founder and CTO Jan Muller added another line item to his family budget this year. His name is Max, and he was born fit and healthy in October, 2016. Welcome Max to the BudgetBakers Family!

And did we mention? A full version of Wallet for iOS is in the works as well. You can even try it today, with important updates coming out continuously in the next few months.

Speaking of new things, you will be seeing constant improvements in all parts of Wallet, with releases and updates on a monthly basis, particularly to Analytical tools, Visualizations of cash-flow or Short Term Budgeting.

Even better, new Reports will show you expenses and income in a new way, and Limits will let you work more efficiently with your planned payments. Many small improvements are planned to make your favorite parts of Wallet even better.

What’s in the Works?

Web App – Mobile money tracking is what people really love about Wallet. But when you’re working on your Monthly Budgeting, nothing beats a desktop experience. So we have some good news!

When you would log into BudgetBakers in your browser (with the same credentials Android or iOS), you’ll find a new look on the dashboard. This is just the start! Desktop Budgeting is going to remain an important feature of BudgetBakers, in addition to Wallet, going forward.

Geek Alert

REST API – ATTENTION Developers, Programmers, and Geeks: connect your own apps and import or export your data via Wallet’s API. You can manage your API Tokens and get more out of Wallet. If you have some interesting ideas that more users of Wallet can benefit from, let us know, or start building something interesting!

We will feature the most creative integrations that developers create for Wallet, and help you to share your amazing ideas with the rest of the BudgetBakers Family, now over 1 Million strong.

The Switch to Wallet 4.0
Status Update: Improved Wallet on iOS!