Status Update: Improved Wallet on iOS!

  Hello, We’ve been keeping it mostly under the radar until now, but some fans of Wallet who have iOS have already noticed that Wallet for iOS has seen a steady stream of upgrades over the past few months. That’s just the beginning. Here we’re going to tip our hand a bit, and talk about what’s coming to Wallet for iOS, what isn’t there yet, and what you can already do with it. Here we go: What’s New? Wallet for iOS is already fully integrated with the BudgetBakers platform, so that you can record transactions, track your spending, view Charts and Reports, and get support all on iOS. And there is more, Record Photos and Gallery was added, since today you can hide unused Envelopes, add new bank account from the menu, new icons in menu and enjoy the new support screen with a picture of our team. A big addition to Wallet for iOS is Bank Connections. You’ll now be able to automatically sync and categorize your transaction history with tens of thousands of participating banks, without having to manually input any data. Everything you do in iOS can be viewed, through the same account, on Android or on the BudgetBakers web app. What’s Coming? This is just a start! Over the next few months, Wallet for iOS will begin supporting most of the additional features available on Android, including planning future payments, saving warranties, creating shopping lists, and sharing with partners or family. In 2017, Wallet for iOS will be able to do most if not all of what Wallet for Android does… as well as some new things that we haven’t released yet. How do I Get it? The new Wallet for iOS is already available on the App Store. Download it and take it for a spin. We’re relying on you to help us make the iOS experience ever better, so don’t be shy about telling us what you think. Thank you for being with us and wish you a nice day! Jan Muller Founder of BudgetBakers
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