Team Spotlight: Martin Jiřička

Martin Jiřička is the CEO of BudgetBakers and one of the principal investors. His work concerns mainly team management but with his skills from IT, investing and management, Martin is invaluable in the many challenges the company has met and is going to meet. He has worked e.g. for and is currently working also for Liftago. If you want to spot great start-ups bringing useful apps into the world, Martin is your guy!


What was the first impulse or idea that made you and Honza decide to launch the app?

Honza is the original founder, I had joined him last year as an investor. When I saw Honza’s and the whole team’s enthusiasm, I have eventually started participating much more than I had thought back then. Now I cannot imagine not working for BudgetBakers and on making the Wallet app better and bringing it to people.

What makes the Wallet app unique in your view?

The number of functions. Financial life isn’t easy and Wallet is a tool that can help people avoid many of the potential pitfalls, regardless of whether it’s spending money, loans or keeping track of a new TV’s warranty. No other app offers so many helpful features while also enabling people to share selected data with their partner or family.

What’s the best part of your job?

I do what I like! It can something else every day ”“ I do what’s needed at the moment :).

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I’m no longer directly in IT, although I’d used to be. I mainly concern myself with product management and business matters nowadays. I like extreme sports like rock climbing or freeride biking.

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