Food inflation is keeping Europe on its toes. Food prices in the EU have been rising and rising – faster than inflation in general. In October 2022, inflation reached a 40-year high of 10.7%, while food prices were up 15.4% compared to October 2021.  This is partly due to Russia’s war on Ukraine, which is driving up energy and
Cybersecurity and protection from phishing is a top priority at BudgetBakers. It’s crucial that you, our customers,  feel safe when using our apps. This includes, for one, the guaranteed confidentiality of your data, which we won’t pass on to third parties, either now or in the future.  For another, we want to educate you about cybersecurity and protect you
Digital nomads are people, sometimes self-employed but also possibly employed full or part time, who work mainly online, enabling them to explore the world while maintaining a regular income.  They come in all ages and occupations, but they are most typically found in knowledge work and creative professions that don’t require the worker to be physically present at an
“The burden is so heavy that even if you graduate, you may not have access to the middle-class life that the college degree once provided.” This statement is from President Joe Biden on August 25, 2022, the day of the release of one of the most important bills of his term: the Student Debt Relief Plan. A long-awaited bill
Good preparation, speed and a dose of luck. These are the three factors that financial expert Ricardo Tunnissen believes are critical to successfully buying and renting out an apartment. In his guest post for BudgetBakers, he shares how he became a first-time home buyer in Germany and how much money he makes renting out his apartment. Are you considering
Rents are soaring. Nationwide, they just topped $2,000 on average for the first time, up nearly $300 (11,6%) from a year ago. In some cities, such as Miami, Tampa and Austin, the increase was as high as nearly 50%. Economists and politicians have therefore declared a national rental housing crisis. Today’s price increases are having a significant impact on
Your budget is suffering from ever increasing costs and you want to know how to save on rent? You’re not alone. Housing costs are the single largest expense for most Americans – especially since the beginning of the year.  In the first six months of 2022, the average US household spent 33.1% of its budget on rent. According to
9.1% – That’s the current average inflation rate in the US as of June 2022. It indicates how much more expensive commodities are now, on average, compared with 12 months ago.  Energy and food prices in particular are rising rapidly. According to the Consumer Price Index, groceries account for 10.4 %, and energy for as much as 32.9 %
Recently economic news has dominated the popular media. We’ve talked in depth about inflation, and provided resources to help you learn more about it. Now talk has turned darkly to rumors of a recession. While this is a critical economic topic that everyone should understand, the media does a pretty poor job of educating the public on what a recession
Earlier we posted a detailed explanation of what inflation is, what causes it, and what you can about it. Today we’re going to dive deeper into that topic with a review of 6 different sources explaining various aspects of inflation, from how it works, to what governments do to try and stop it from happening. Learn about inflation with BudgetBakers!
What is inflation and what causes it? These are questions that most working people today are asking themselves, and each other. Prices are going up across the board, in almost every country, and in almost every category. The news tells us that prices are rising, but rarely do we hear a real, honest discussion about what causes this to
This summer I’m invited to a wedding. A good friend of mine is getting married to her longtime boyfriend. For the ceremony, the couple has chosen a beautiful small village in the southwest of Switzerland, close to where they live.  So lately I’ve been busy trying to find the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom. That’s when
We recently asked our community: How much do you think is reasonable to spend on a wedding in 2022?  More than 46% said that they can imagine a wedding for less than $5000. Nearly 40% indicated that $5,000 to $10,000 is realistic. 14% think spending $10,000 to $25,000 is reasonable, and only about 5% think more than $25,000 is
Are you studying abroad as an international student? Then you’re not only exploring new cultures, making lifelong friends, and learning a new language. You’re also facing a whole new set of challenges – one of which is financing your stay abroad. Recurring payments such as for student loans, tuition, rent and transportation are only part of the costs you
A student vacation is wonderful thing. You get to know the most beautiful places in the world, meet interesting people, taste delicious food and get away from stressful college life.  Plus, as a student, you have a lot more time to travel than “adult” vacationers. Semester breaks or the time between the end of your bachelor’s degree and the

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