Bank Sync on Wallet

Wallet now syncs automatically with your bank, making expense tracking super simple. With bank sync, all your transactions will also be automatically categorized, letting you focus on what really matters: getting the most from your money!

4 000 participating banks means that from Argentina to Zimbabwe, every dollar, peso, or Yen can be tracked with a click. Get a complete picture of your finances wherever you go.

Read Only Access with an SSL certificate means Wallet is a safe way to manage your private data. Wallet cannot access your money, make any changes to your accounts, or generate any transactions.

Automatic categorization sorts all payments using machine learning algorithms. If you need to re-categorize a payment, Wallet will learn and offer better results as it evolves.

Connecting Wallet with your bank is easy and safe. It’s a one-time action, requiring you to enter your banking login info into Wallet. Each bank update is securely verified by you via SMS code.

1Verify a bank

Check whether your bank offers integrations by typing it in below. If you’re bank doesn’t participate yet, let us know:

2Connect a bank

To connect your bank to Wallet, you need to be on a Premium Plan. Find more instructions inside Wallet.

Examples of banks with Bank Connection feature