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Save time and effort

Automatically syncs and categorizes your transactions. Wallet learns and adapts to your preferences with time.

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Bring all your accounts to one place. See your spending in real-time.

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Syncs with more than 15,000 banks and cards from around the world. Connect to multiple accounts from the same bank.

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Bank-level security and read-only access ensures that Wallet cannot access your money or make any changes to your accounts.

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  • Great app, super helpful to see where all your money is going and also helps to see it all in one place. Syncing your bank makes it 10 times easier as all you need to do is look at app to see where all your money has gone. Most of the payments are categorized automatically and the app recognizes if you spent money on yoru car or groceries.

    Wallet user
  • Being able to just sync my transactions and see every move without having to manually insert it into the app makes this whole being an adult thing easier.

    Wallet user
  • I have a full-time job now, 3 bank accounts and I make most of my payments by debit card. I use Wallet not just to track my expenses over multiple accounts, but also to save towards my goals, and to plan future payments and purchases.

    Wallet user

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