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Your Millennial Money Advice is Annoying

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7 Money Movies You Can (Actually) Learn From

Summer for my family means hot days hiding from the sun, warm evenings spent in our garden, and airy nights spent watching a film together on our home projector. So obviously I’m a big fan of movies, and having worked in the finance world for a long time in one capacity or another, I also …

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8 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter About Economics

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You come across an important piece of news about the world, and while you know what it’s saying matters, the terms and figures mean very little to you.  Inflation, consumer price index, unemployment, trade and budget deficits and the like, all sound critical to our everyday lives. And …

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Sunk Cost Fallacy: Dealing with Loss

I have a confession to make. I’ve been living in denial for a while now. But it’s time to let go… The Sunk Cost Fallacy : How Not to Set Your Money on Fire It all started with a dream. I’ll admit, it was a silly conceit of mine. I had always wanted to own …

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Budget Spring Cleaning: Part 2

Your budget, just like any other part of your busy life, deserves a spring cleaning. That’s why last time we shared 5 Tips on how to spring clean your budget. Now we’re back with 6 more tips on budget spring cleaning. Think we’re missing a good budgeting tip? Give us a shout on Twitter or …

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Budget Spring Cleaning : Part 1 of 2

While global climate change may be confusing the birds and the trees this year, it is still technically spring across the Northern Hemisphere (sorry Australia!). It’s time to clean up your budget! A new year, a new pile of bills you may want to look into. Most of us collect at least a few unwanted …

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BudgetBakers Welcomes New Investors and Major Expansion Plan

New Partners with Experience Our founders and the rest of the BudgetBakers team are very proud to announce that as of this week, BudgetBakers is part of a much bigger family. We have officially joined in an investment partnership with two highly successful startup veterans, Jasper Anderluh and Niels Klok. The pair founded the online …

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Announcing Budgeting for Wallet on iOS!

Hi BudgetBakers community! First off, we need to acknowledge that, while this news is super exciting, it is also super late.  The truth is that despite our name being BudgetBakers, we haven’t had a real budgeting feature available on iOS for either Wallet or Board since those apps launched. BudgetBakers got started as an Android …

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7 Ways to Make it Through the Crisis with your Finances Intact

These days are difficult and challenging for each of us. Everybody is facing their own personal crisis. To overcome your “fear of not having enough” (money, work, health), we’ve prepared a special package to offer you tips to smooth the crisis a little bit. We all are literally pushed to slow down. In the same …

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Expenses, Expenses, Expenses – Sort Them Out!

The internet is full of neverending lists, tips and manuals on “how to organize your money better“, “how to start using a budget“ or  “become more responsible when it comes to your spending.”  But, what if you tried to look at your money less as a tool of cruel self-discipline? What if you started seeing …

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How to Navigate Your Records Effectively

The more I learn about Wallet, the more it shocks me. The app itself is so complex, and it has so many features that can help people with their personal finances.  My colleague recently told me about the RECORDS option, so I wanted to dive deep and write an article about it and how you …

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Money, Love and Your Emotional Drives

Is money a Source of Conflict Between You and Your Partner? Love, money, and more specifically, disputes about money can escalate way beyond rationality.  They can come up because of reckless spending, unpaid bills, job loss, or because money has become a tool for manipulation.  Millions of marriages and intimate relations are ruined because of …

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SHOPPING LIST: Beyond An Ordinary Grocery List

Sometimes, our minds tend to jump from one thought to another. To concentrate on daily tasks, or to focus on what you need to buy for the weekend, might be far more difficult than normal. Therefore, we introduced a new widget, called “Shopping List” to help make the process far easier for you. A Grocery …

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Introducing Board: Driving Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing BudgetBaker’s Latest Creation: Board! Board is a mobile-first business management platform designed to help small business owners make smarter decisions, whenever and wherever they want. Think of it as a “fitness tracker” for your small business. A place where you can see everything at once, derive insight, and make wise decisions that truly benefit …

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Set a Credit Limit

What is a credit limit: A credit limit is incredibly critical to virtually every individual. Practically speaking, a credit limit for your credit card is the max balance you are allowed to have on your credit card, usually given by a financial institution or lender. A normal credit limit depends on you and how much …

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