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Expenses, Expenses, Expenses – Sort Them Out!

2020-04-08T13:18:05+01:00By |

The internet is full of neverending lists, tips and manuals on “how to organize your money better“, “how to start using a budget“ or  “become more responsible when it comes to your spending.”  But, what if you tried to look at your money less as a tool of cruel [...]

How to Navigate Your Records Effectively

2020-01-23T17:52:42+01:00By |

The more I learn about Wallet, the more it shocks me. The app itself is so complex, and it has so many features that can help people with their personal finances.  My colleague recently told me about the RECORDS option, so I wanted to dive deep and write an [...]

Money, Love and Your Emotional Drives

2020-03-20T15:58:17+01:00By |

Is money a Source of Conflict Between You and Your Partner? Love, money, and more specifically, disputes about money can escalate way beyond rationality.  They can come up because of reckless spending, unpaid bills, job loss, or because money has become a tool for manipulation.  Millions of marriages and [...]

SHOPPING LIST: Beyond An Ordinary Grocery List

2020-03-27T13:02:00+01:00By |

Sometimes, our minds tend to jump from one thought to another. To concentrate on daily tasks, or to focus on what you need to buy for the weekend, might be far more difficult than normal. Therefore, we introduced a new widget, called “Shopping List” to help make the process [...]