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5 Cheapest Countries To Travel To In 2018

2018-07-25T15:16:54+01:00By |

Still thinking of where to travel to this year? Whether your dream vacation involves getting your feet wet on a beach, an adventurous trip to the mountains or soaking in the spirit of a lively city, our affordable travel guide can help you make up your mind. We’ve curated [...]

Why We Changed Our Accounts View

2018-03-12T15:01:56+01:00By |

The newest addition to Wallet that we’re all excited about is the transformation of the old dashboard. Now, Wallet brings your finances to you in two sections--the Wallet Now section, the information centre of your finances, and the Accounts section, the control centre of your finances. This new view [...]

8 Ways to Make The Most Of Group Sharing On Wallet

2018-03-28T14:02:01+01:00By |

Group Sharing is now available on Wallet for iOS. This means you can share your finances across devices and platforms! Start building stronger relationships now! Talking about money is awkward. No matter who is on the other end of the conversation. In fact, a survey conducted by Wells Fargo [...]

Introducing Wallet Life on Wallet

2017-12-02T13:08:37+01:00By |

Ever heard of some awesome new service that helps you save some money or whip up some extra cash and were left thinking, “Damn! Why didn’t I hear of this earlier?” So to save you from that FOMO and to make it easier for you to avail the best [...]

How To Make The Most Of The New Weekly Reports On Wallet

2017-10-23T12:30:05+01:00By |

As some of you have noticed, we have an exciting new addition to our armor of money managing features--weekly reports. They are concise, yet insightful capsules of data regarding your finances that’ll keep you motivated and informed on the go. By now, you know that knowledge is power when [...]

How Your Budget Can Fix 5 Common Money Problems

2017-09-18T10:24:19+01:00By |

When it comes to money, each one of us face unique problems. Our finances are truly personal, which is the reason why, one-size solutions seem like a waste of time. Having the knowledge of you where your money goes is the first step towards making sense of your finances. [...]