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5 Cheapest Countries To Travel To In 2018

2018-07-25T15:16:54+01:00By |

Still thinking of where to travel to this year? Whether your dream vacation involves getting your feet wet on a beach, an adventurous trip to the mountains or soaking in the spirit of a lively city, our affordable travel guide can help you make up your mind. We’ve curated [...]

Should You Pay Off Debt or Save First?

2018-04-05T12:56:04+01:00By |

Most of us have debts. In fact, studies have shown that almost 33% of Americans are drowning in debt. And, the most common question that those who are in debt ask is, “What should I do first? Should I pay my debt off or should I save?” Your parents [...]

5 Ways Women Can Take Control Of Their Money Now

2018-03-09T01:27:11+01:00By |

The 2018 theme for the International Women's Day is Press for Progress, which means women everywhere are being asked to do their bit to press for gender parity. But you don’t have to head to a march or start a hashtag to show your support. After all, big changes [...]

How To Make The Most Of The New Weekly Reports On Wallet

2017-10-23T12:30:05+01:00By |

As some of you have noticed, we have an exciting new addition to our armor of money managing features--weekly reports. They are concise, yet insightful capsules of data regarding your finances that’ll keep you motivated and informed on the go. By now, you know that knowledge is power when [...]

5 Women Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow Now

2018-02-13T13:45:51+01:00By |

In her candid piece, titled The Ongoing Joke About Women And Money Isn’t Funny Anymore, in The Establishment, writer Monica Drake writes about the stereotypical wife character who is ‘bad with money’ and becomes the butt of every party joke ever cracked by men. What does she buy, Drake [...]