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Set a Credit Limit

2019-03-04T14:36:12+01:00By |

What is a credit limit: A credit limit is incredibly critical to virtually every individual. Practically speaking, a credit limit for your credit card is the max balance you are allowed to have on your credit card, usually given by a financial institution or lender. A normal credit limit [...]

Track every Expense on Wallet

2019-03-04T14:14:07+01:00By |

Wallet by BudgetBakers is your friend when it comes to keeping track of your expenses while aligning to your budget goals. Questions like, ‘How much can I spend?’ or ‘Can I afford this?’ are easily answered with Wallet. Record expenses automatically simply by linking your bank account to the [...]

Why travellers love Bank Sync on Wallet

2018-07-26T13:00:56+01:00By |

Who doesn’t love to travel, isn’t it? Travel at once frees you and still grounds you to the realities of the world around you. Studies have found that travel makes us healthier, happier, more productive and more open-minded. The last thing you want to be bothered about while travelling [...]

How To Get The Best Exchange Rates While Travelling

2018-07-25T16:36:46+01:00By |

Planning a trip? Most often you take extra care and research a lot when it comes to saving money on flights and accommodation, but tend to completely ignore a big travel money black hole--the foreign exchange conversion fees! No matter how strong your home currency is, you can still [...]

5 Most Common Travel Money Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

2018-07-25T16:36:40+01:00By |

Even the most seasoned travellers can fall into trouble when it comes to managing money the right way on the go. Although you may have a plan for your money and have budgeted for big-ticket items, you may have forgotten smaller costs like public transport, parking tickets and even [...]

5 Women Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow Now

2018-02-13T13:45:51+01:00By |

In her candid piece, titled The Ongoing Joke About Women And Money Isn’t Funny Anymore, in The Establishment, writer Monica Drake writes about the stereotypical wife character who is ‘bad with money’ and becomes the butt of every party joke ever cracked by men. What does she buy, Drake [...]