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How To Get The Best Exchange Rates While Travelling

Planning a trip? Most often you take extra care and research a lot when it comes to saving money on flights and accommodation, but tend to completely ignore a big travel money black hole–the foreign exchange conversion fees! No matter how strong your home currency is, you can still end up losing money if you …

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5 Most Common Travel Money Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Even the most seasoned travellers can fall into trouble when it comes to managing money the right way on the go. Although you may have a plan for your money and have budgeted for big-ticket items, you may have forgotten smaller costs like public transport, parking tickets and even tolls. To avoid spending more than …

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5 Cheapest Countries To Travel To In 2018

Still thinking of where to travel to this year? Whether your dream vacation involves getting your feet wet on a beach, an adventurous trip to the mountains or soaking in the spirit of a lively city, our affordable travel guide can help you make up your mind. We’ve curated a list of the world’s most …

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How These BudgetBakers Developers Traveled With Wallet

The last thing you’d want to be stressed about while travelling is not having enough money to cover your costs. You want to be sure that you’re spending within your means, but you don’t want to be constantly checking your wallet, and be preoccupied and stressed about it. When BudgetBakers’ Andrej Kurocenko, backend lead, and …

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Why Wallet Is The Only App You’ll Need To Manage Money While Travelling

Who doesn’t love to travel, right? Today’s millennials are probably the most mobile generation ever, travelling about 35% more than their predecessors. However, the truth is that they earn about 20% less than what their parents did. This is why millennials worldwide are ‘hustling’ or looking for ways to stretch their money as much as …

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How This Couple Uses Wallet For A Stress-Free Year-Long Trip Around Australia

Taking a year off to travel is a dream for many of us. And, it is only common that we hit the farthest place from home when we set out on such an adventure. Mia Zaccardo, a policy officer from Adelaide, and her partner, Ben, had travelled to a fair share of places outside of …

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Why Tracking Your Money Is A Crucial Step In Bringing Order To Your Finances

TL;DR: Tracking helps you identify spending patterns and unearth much deeper issues with your finances than you can imagine. Learn why it is important to track to bring order to your finances. Tracking expenses is boring, monotonous and takes all the time in this world. Is this how you feel? Or, have you tracked your …

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How Wallet Helped This Millennial Change His Money Mindset

It is hard to build a habit, we know. Especially if you are young, bustling with work and raring to go. It’s only natural then that you may not always have the time, energy or interest to track your money. Jeffry Manhulad, an IT specialist from Pasay City, Philippines, was also stuck in this rut. …

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Should You Pay Off Debt or Save First?

Most of us have debts. In fact, studies have shown that almost 33% of Americans are drowning in debt. And, the most common question that those who are in debt ask is, “What should I do first? Should I pay my debt off or should I save?” Your parents may have taught you to pay …

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How Wallet Helps This Student Leader Keep Track Of Her Fundraising Efforts

Being a student leader is an exhilarating experience! Your peers have chosen you to represent them and find solutions to their problems. This not just makes you a role model for many and puts you in a position of power, but also brings with it a lot of duties and responsibilities. And, what if your …

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How To Manage Your Money Together As A Couple

When you’re in a relationship, money becomes a talking point. And, each couple has their own way of managing money. Some might combine their finances, while some others like to keep things separate. There is no one right way to manage money as a couple. Because both of you are unique and have unique mindsets …

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New feature: Import your data to Wallet via the Web App

At BudgetBakers, we put you, our users, first. We want Wallet to be useful for you. This is why Wallet is designed to learn your preferences and adapt to them. We want you to be able to successfully manage money no matter what your money philosophy is. So here’s bringing our much-loved feature, Imports, to …

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How To Save Your First $1000 Even If You’re Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Most of us want to save money. But somehow, only a few of us end up doing it right. What if we told you that your financial foundation is built on your saving enough money and not spending right? Having some money stashed away is what will fuel your future spending, keep you out of …

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Why We Changed Our Accounts View

The newest addition to Wallet that we’re all excited about is the transformation of the old dashboard. Now, Wallet brings your finances to you in two sections–the Wallet Now section, the information centre of your finances, and the Accounts section, the control centre of your finances. This new view is not just cleaner and clutter-free …

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How To Manage Your Money As A Digital Nomad

So you have taken the big leap of quitting your job and being a digital nomad? Or, are you on the road currently and are looking for ways to save up for your future trips? Whichever of these two situations you may be in, one thing you should know or have already figured out by …

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