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How Wallet Helped a Millennial Spot Duplicate Charges, Recover Lost Money & Become A Conscious Spender

We are all guilty of doing it! Of not checking our bank statements just enough. We don’t blame you. They are not the prettiest or most interesting of documents, we know! But putting them aside as soon they come in without digging deeper may cost you a lot. Even without you realizing. Stefany Báez, from …

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Introducing Labels on Wallet

At BudgetBakers, we put you, our users, first. Always. We want Wallet to be useful for you. We want it to help you manage your money in the simplest possible way. We want you to lead stress-free, happier and calmer lives. We want you to forget about all the anxiety that comes with managing money …

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5 Simple Ways To Budget As There Is No One Right Way To Do So

Learn 5 simple budgeting methods that’ll help you manage your money better! Boring. Complicated. Restrictive. Mind-numbing. Cumbersome. Are these the first words that come to your mind when your hear the word ‘budget’? Does your mind conjure up images of complex spreadsheets, continuous note-taking or repeated balance checks? If you answered yes to one or …

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Meet The Bakers: Jan Muller, Founder of BudgetBakers

 What started as one man’s dream to develop a tool to manage his finances has now become a full-blown startup, BudgetBakers, employing a motley team of talented individuals, all working towards helping the world lead a richer life. Who are we, really? Many of us began our journey with BudgetBakers, like you, as users of …

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Overwhelmed by your finances? Here’s how you can regain control

It’s hardly a week past payday and you have no more money left to see you through the month? Worried about how you would make enough money to pay your student loan instalment next month? Feeling hopeless that your present job and lifestyle may not take you far on your goal of travelling around the …

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5 Women Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow Now

In her candid piece, titled The Ongoing Joke About Women And Money Isn’t Funny Anymore, in The Establishment, writer Monica Drake writes about the stereotypical wife character who is ‘bad with money’ and becomes the butt of every party joke ever cracked by men. What does she buy, Drake asks: “Probably shoes, designer jeans, and …

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5 Small But Smart Ways To Save Money Every Day Without Even Realizing

When it comes to personal finance, most of us know all the rules — spend less than you earn, save for a rainy day and so on, right? Then, why is it that time and again studies point to money or financial angst as the biggest cause of stress for people around the world? Why …

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Are You Waiting for the First Day of a Month to Start Budgeting? Don’t. Here’s How You Can Start Now

The biggest lie you tell yourself every time you feel out of control or stressed out about your finances is: “I will put things in order starting next month”. We all know that ‘next month’ (or next payday, or next week, or tomorrow…) never really comes. The truth is that you are only setting yourself …

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What’s New On Wallet?

We have released some exciting new features on the app and fixed some annoying bugs for you. Here’s a quick look at what’s new: A brand new Budgets section Setting and managing budgets have become ever more easier with the new Budgets section on Wallet. Now, see your weekly, monthly and yearly budgets at one place and …

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How To Make The Chat About Money With Your Partner Less Awkward  

Talking about money can be awkward. No matter where you are and no matter with whom you are having that conversation. As a society, we are not taught to be open about our finances. In fact, studies have shown that people find talking about money even more difficult than discussing one own’s death, politics and …

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Why We Track Every Dollar as a Family

When I was single, I didn’t think much about money. If I had enough, I was fine. If I didn’t have enough, I would just be more careful with my spending. But getting married changed the dynamics of money for me, and my wife, in a big way. Few who have gotten married and started …

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The Switch to Wallet 4.0

BudgetBakers is excited to announce one of our biggest updates ever, Wallet 4.0! (You can check to see if you have the current version by following this link on Android). What’s changing? Wallet 4.0 will offer a better way to track your money and categorize spending. You’ll now be able to connect directly to your …

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