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How To Make The Chat About Money With Your Partner Less Awkward  

Talking about money can be awkward. No matter where you are and no matter with whom you are having that conversation. As a society, we are not taught to be open about our finances. In fact, studies have shown that people find talking about money even more difficult than discussing one own’s death, politics and …

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Why We Track Every Dollar as a Family

When I was single, I didn’t think much about money. If I had enough, I was fine. If I didn’t have enough, I would just be more careful with my spending. But getting married changed the dynamics of money for me, and my wife, in a big way. Few who have gotten married and started …

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The Switch to Wallet 4.0

BudgetBakers is excited to announce one of our biggest updates ever, Wallet 4.0! (You can check to see if you have the current version by following this link on Android). What’s changing? Wallet 4.0 will offer a better way to track your money and categorize spending. You’ll now be able to connect directly to your …

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