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Introducing Imports on Wallet

2018-03-27T17:44:53+01:00By |

At BudgetBakers, we put you, our users, first. We want Wallet to be useful for you. This is why Wallet is designed to learn your preferences and adapt to them. We want you to be able to successfully manage money no matter what your money philosophy is. So here’s [...]

What’s New On Wallet?

2017-08-10T21:17:02+01:00By |

We have released some exciting new features on the app and fixed some annoying bugs for you. Here’s a quick look at what’s new: A brand new Budgets section Setting and managing budgets have become ever more easier with the new Budgets section on Wallet. Now, see your weekly, monthly [...]

The Switch to Wallet 4.0

2017-08-10T15:31:54+01:00By |

BudgetBakers is excited to announce one of our biggest updates ever, Wallet 4.0! (You can check to see if you have the current version by following this link on Android). What’s changing? Wallet 4.0 will offer a better way to track your money and categorize spending. You’ll now be [...]