Changes to Wallet Premium for Spanish Customers

We’d like to let our customers in Spain know about some changes that are happening in regards to how Wallet will be billed in the future.

First of all, if you’re a premium customer and you’re happy with Wallet, you don’t have to change anything. All the same features will be available, and more going forward.

As part of our ongoing efforts to modernize and update our feature set, and strike a healthy balance between delivering you a premium experience and offering more people a broader range of free-to-use features, the following changes will be taking place in Wallet’s Premium and Free-to-Use offerings.

The following features will remain a part of the paid Premium License (this includes features native to the Android and iOS versions of the app):

Custom Reports
Unlimited Budgets
Unlimited Planned Payments
Unlimited Connected Accounts
Priority Support
Upcoming Planned Features: eg: Wealth management, Crypto, Custom Widgets, Finance Calculators, Forecasts, and more.

The following features will now be available to all users, regardless of whether they subscribe to Wallet Premium (limitations on these features are TBD):

Basic Reports Only
Limited Planned Payments
Limited Budgets
Limited Connected Accounts

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