Expenses, Expenses, Expenses – Sort Them Out!

The internet is full of neverending lists, tips and manuals on “how to organize your money better“, “how to start using a budget“ or  “become more responsible when it comes to your spending.” 

But, what if you tried to look at your money less as a tool of cruel self-discipline? What if you started seeing your money as a tool to help you fulfill your dreams, wishes, and desires?


THINK – what do you spend for and why?

Life is not easy. It is full of duties at home, responsibilities at work, and unexpected moments we have to face. Sometimes we can easily get off track of living life, and start having those feelings that its power over us is just shaking us from right to left.

In these moments:

Drinking a beer and complaining can be a quick relief.

Our life can get too busy to have time to cook homemade meals.

Too many drinks can be a disconnecting therapy to unplug us from a terrifying reality.

A cake can be a supplement to decrease the frustration that nothing is going as we planned.

So can buying new stuff to replace our feeling of missing love.


None of this is “wrong” when it only happens occasionally. 

We all are human beings and therefore I dare to assume that our lives are not balance 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

However, it might turn into a problem when these “occasional therapies” start building into our daily patterns and become the only thing that affects our finances.

In Wallet, you can see an easy pie chart that gives you pure data and shows you what you spend monthly. It might not help you to understand why you overspend for certain categories of stuff. Or, what needs it supplements. 

But, it’s definitely a start.

So, what is the next question you should ask yourself?

It’s an easy one: was it worth it?



MAKE AN ORDER – sort your expenses

Here’s an idea: sort your expenses according to whether it makes you happy (or not). 

Did you know you can have fun with Wallet? The game “Was it worth it?“ is not any old “game of love“. 

Instead, it’s a tool that shows you your financial behavior in a playful way.

Ultimately, there are always going to be things worth spending money on and those which are not! 

Full stop. There is nothing in between. And, sure, for each of us it might be something different.

Somebody can be spending too much on eating in the restaurant and should stop because the context is actually about slowing down. Take a step outside of life and change the speed of spending and living. 

But, somebody different might be spending just the same amount of money for eating out, but the context is different. It’s just a once-a-week thing at a restaurant with the whole family – it’s also a nice moment that has real value for them.

You probably know that our drives and decisions are purely emotional – and it does not differ when it comes to money! 

What does that mean? That you need to understand how you actually feel about your spending to have a real motivation to change it. 

To help understand the emotional basis of your records. Try sorting your expenses to help you realize:

        If you are spending for things which are worthy

        To start spending less on what does not have a value for you

        Adding more (even smaller) things, events, experiences which are precious to your life

LEARN to appreciate your money

We all need order in our lives. That way, when any storms happen, we have a safe place to return. And we all need to build a safe place. 

So, my offer to you is to start understanding money as a tool that can help you build your “personal harbor.”

When you need to assemble the wardrobe, you need a screwdriver. When you want to feel satisfied in your life, you can use the money to touch things you want or enjoy moments. 

While I do realize that sometimes it’s not so easy. Especially when you are swimming in debt, or you are overwhelmed by family records or student loans. 

A “was it worth it? “approach can help you to sweat the small stuff, so the bigger issues become less intimidating.


To see the real beauty in small things, like buying a package of tea to make somebody happy.
Learn to refuse things that would bring just an instant pleasure but you do not really need them.


Learn to cultivate more awareness between yourself, the things you buy, and the way those things change other people’s lives (and your own).

I really like the saying: “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.“ 

That’s really what it is all about. You will not be burdened by a baby diaper for the whole rest of your life. Once your kids become financially independent as well and you turn from a student to an employee with a regular salary. And your debts will change into the white piece of paper (if you are conscious of them).

Foto-white piece of paper and pen

And, until then, you can keep learning how to appreciate your money – for example by using the emoticons of each spending which will help you to reflect your days from a different point of view than just bills or shopping lists.

Moreover, I am strongly convinced that a harder journey might be right to know (debts, loans, compulsive spending), the happier your route becomes when you overcome the obstacles

Because life is definitely not a fairy tale, but an unfortunate person becomes a real hero the same way as in this kids’ stories – fighting, facing real-life, falling on its ass and getting up again.


BUILD a positive relation to your money

So if you´re brave enough, take out your armor and get on the journey so when you are back home, you’ll never look at your money the same way again!

Take it easy, decide to try out “was it worth it“ and be ready for the tsunami changing your old spending patterns.


Let’s work to stop the hustle of neverending struggles with monthly budgets or a lifestyle that’s ”paycheck to paycheck.“

This brave journey requires you to step out of your comfort zone, so forget about excels row and columns – take it through the funnel of your emotions! Which can be much more colorful than an Excel document.


Think about which small and big thing you pay for monthly make you truly happy!

And, be ready that such an approach might bring instant changes to your lifestyle.

Or, maybe I am just getting too emotional here right now, so you know what? Let me hear your story!

I am really curious about it!

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