How to Start Managing Your Finances With Wallet?

Managing your personal finance is like taking care of your health.

Both are essential to lead and enjoy the richness of your life.

We would love to see our Wallet helping you in this regard.

Three Simple Steps to Get First Insight

In Day 1 In Week 1

Step 1.

Add Accounts you want to see in one place

Start by deciding which accounts you want to have in Wallet so that you can fully control your finances.

Wallet supports current accounts, savings, credit cards, loans, but also your pocket money (cash)

Wallet main screen has a primary tab called Accounts, where you simply add all accounts you need.

For each account you can connect to your bank for synchonization, or import files, or enter records manually

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Step 2.

Upload transaction history

To get your money under control already on Day 1, you need to upload reasonable transactions history.

For accounts, which you connected to your bank, Wallet automatically uploads 3 months history

If you want to manually upload transaction files, the most convenient is to use our Wallet Web Application

Finally, make sure that your account balances are accurate, and if not, modify the accounts initial balance.

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Step 3.

Learn and adjust system of records categorization

To understand where your money goes, Wallet helps you to view your expenses grouped into categories.

Start by learning the structured set of predefined categories, rename them or add your own if needed.

To teach Wallet categorize for you, open records history and correct categories if needed.

Wallet uses artificial intelligence learning from you. So as you are correcting categories, Wallet is getting better.

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Day 1 Reward:
Your Key Questions Answered


How much money I have and where?

Cash flow

Am I spending more or less than I earn?


Where does my money go?

Credit limit

Am I using my credit limits responsibly?