Product Management Team

“Properly managed finances give stability and sustainability to everyday needs. It is important to have personal finances under control because that brings with it personal freedom and peace of mind.“

What We Do?

We are doing research about the Wallet and Board apps. We collect feedback from users, and we keep a close eye on the technological and financial world to keep up with current trends and stay informed about what’s new.

Based on our research, we suggest new functions for improving the apps.

How We Work?

We try to understand users needs and look for the best way to help them solve their financial situation through the Wallet and Board applications.

At BudgetBakers we have agile project management. With that comes lots of meetings where we share our future goals, achievements, and ideas for improvement.

Every Monday we have a meeting in which all teams present their work. We work in SCRUM cycles, so we use 14-day sprints to maintain a level of organized development with the ability to change quickly if the market or stakeholders need it.

Our Ideal Colleague

We’re looking for a funny, understanding person who feels our vibe and is on the same page as we are.

Check our open position and if you feel like you’d fit in, definitely contact us!

How it works