It is only when you start living on your own and paying for everything yourself, that most people realise that financial ‘adulting’ is not all that fun! Ghent-based content engineer Sofie Vandenhoven, who had only recently graduated, didn’t take too long to figure that most of what she earned was slipping away too fast. Earning all the money back
Allowances, tuition fee, group outings, house parties, mess bills, exam fees… we’ve all been there! Managing your money as a student is far from easy. All the excitement of breaking out of your parents’ shadows and being free fizzles out as soon as you’re bombarded with real-life responsibilities. You soon realize that adulting isn’t all that fun. Money is
We are all guilty of doing it! Of not checking our bank statements just enough. We don’t blame you. They are not the prettiest or most interesting of documents, we know! But putting them aside as soon they come in without digging deeper may cost you a lot. Even without you realizing. Stefany Báez, from Dominican Republic, couldn’t agree

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