Bid Goodbye To Bad Surprises

Bid Goodbye To Bad Surprises

Do you like surprises?

A birthday bash, an unexpected raise, a cute gift or a quick getaway are all pleasant surprises.

But what about forgotten bills, an uninvited guest or a pay cut?

In life, both good and bad surprises are bound to happen. The only way to protect yourself from such bad surprises is to think ahead and be prepared to face them. In short, have a plan.

Payments like rent, utilities, loan instalments, telephone bills. transportation costs, subscription fees and so on have to be made regularly. Easily plan for such expenses by setting them up as Planned Payments.

Tip: Don’t know exactly how much you’ll be spending on something? Mark it as an ‘inaccurate payment’ & enter a ballpark amount. This figure will appear on your dashboard and can be edited as soon as you know the exact amount. 

But, what about those expenses that pop up unexpectedly, like a surprise visit by your extended relatives or a car breakdown? Or, what about one-time expenses like maintenance charges or holiday shopping?

Anticipate such events and plan for them to minimize the risk of sudden blows and have fewer bad surprises. Break down such big expenses into chunks and set up recurring Planned Payments. Keep track of them with the Planned Payments Calendar

But That’s Not All...

Wallet allows you to plan not just for the long-term, but also on a daily basis. Use Shopping Lists to plan out your weekly hauls and stay on track. Or plan how to pay down your Debts & keep track of your lending. 

Start living a richer life today!

Jan Muller
Founder of BudgetBakers

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