Digging Deep Into Your Finances

Digging Deep Into Your Finances

When you track your money, you’re actually collecting and grouping information to put together a bigger picture of your finances. This knowledge will, then, empower you to set your finances in order.

How Wallet Helps You Analyze

Wallet does all the number crunching for you! It compiles all bits and pieces of information scattered around in different accounts and currencies to a single place. And, it gives you a good grasp of your finances with beautifully designed, easy-to-read and insightful Reports and Charts.

All you need to do is track. Do it manually, put Smart Assistant to work or simply connect to your Bank Account. The choice is yours. 

Want to see your spending by a specific category? Or take a quick peek at your income or expense structure? Or want to get a detailed report on your cash flow? Wallet has a chart or report for all your needs.

Tip: The more you customize Wallet, the better it works for you. By categorizing your records right and adding Labels to them, you’ll be able to dig deeper, filter as per choice and get better insights.

How To Use These Insights?

Reports and charts essentially show you the decisions you’ve made about your money in the past. Track these analytics over time to know which of your decisions were right and which of them need to be changed.

Learn from your mistakes and move on towards achieving your goals. 

Start living a richer life today!

Jan Muller
Founder of BudgetBakers

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