Your Finances in One Place.

Wallet helps you budget and track spending, so you stay in control and achieve your goals.

  • Get a snapshot of your finances, anytime, on any device (iOS, Android or Web)
  • Budget and plan with your partner, or as a family.
  • Connect your bank accounts to keep your budget automatically up to date.
  • Wallet connects all your finances, including credit cards, accounts, and cash, to give you a complete overview at one click.

Key features

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From automatic bank updates to comprehensive reports, your money management becomes easy as pie.


Why use Wallet?

Why people love Wallet

Simple yet very helpful The best financial record app!!! Very simple, very nice design, and very helpful. Can’t wait for the updates.
Tesar Tigahari
Absolutely a fantastic tool This is the best money management tool i have ever used on an android device, so please to download it and give it a try. i highly recommend it.
Ray Karim
Well! Very convenient that you can see each other’s accounts. There is a lack of planning and budget planning of loan payments.
Екатерина Патышнева
Great! It helped organize my money. Before I had no control of what I can spent now have control of it. I recommend it for those seeking to improve their economy. Powerful tool. Missing invoices and goal.
Edwin Valencia Velasquez
Perfect app for personal accounting. Easy to use and clear appearance.
Stanislav Horák
Best Team ever I’ve proposed my suggestions twice to the Wallet app team through mail. They have fulfilled my suggestions in the next immediate updates. So much impressed with this great response by the development team. I would strongly recommend this app to my friends.
Patlamis Misir