How To Start?

How To Start

Knowledge is power. You have to know your finances to master them. Wallet is all your money in one app, under your control, wherever you may be. By syncing automatically with your financial accounts, Wallet can help you predict and plan for a richer life while saving money every day.

1. First Day

Add your accounts

Choose from over 15,000 banks and providers

Upload Transaction History

Wallet will automatically categorize spending

Get an Enriched Overview of your Finances

Each day offers new insights and opportunities to improve

Congrats! Now You're Able To:


See how much money you have, and where.

Cash Flow

Spend less than you earn.


See where your money goes.

Credit limit

Use your credit responsibly.

2. First Week

Aggregate all your accounts

Add as many financial accounts as you own, in any currency

Label Your Transactions

The machine learning algorithms will learn how your finances work and slowly take over for you.

Monitor Your Cashflow

Begin to see how your money situation looks, and project it out into the future.

Wow! Now You Can:


Monitor all account movements in one place.


See your overall cashflow trends.


Sort your transactions by category or payee.


Labeling will now begin to work automatically.

3. First Month

Set Up Planned Payments and Budgets

Start predicting your financial situation weeks and months ahead.

Enrich Your Categories

Create detailed categories that track all kinds of spending.

Get Real Control

Use your new personal finance superpowers to exercise real total control over your money.

Super! Now You Will:


See your future cash flow.


Spot issues with your expenses before they become problems.


Be a master of your money.


Eliminate wasteful spending and make your money work for you.

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