7 Ways to Make it Through the Crisis with your Finances Intact

These days are difficult and challenging for each of us. Everybody is facing their own personal crisis.

To overcome your “fear of not having enough” (money, work, health), we’ve prepared a special package to offer you tips to smooth the crisis a little bit.

We all are literally pushed to slow down. In the same moment, never before there has been such a potential to transform the crisis into a chance for change! Ourselves. Relationships. Markets. Nature.

You can sit at home and meditate about “where am I going right now.” And such thoughts might about money situation which can be, in an uncertain time, frustrating, or even depressing.

Well, let’s meet that frustration with clear goals.

Financial Goals

There are smart tools that will not cause you too much effort but would definitely help you to overcome this emergency.

Try to overcome your anxiety with this step-by-step guide to setting your financial goals and achieving them.

If you start reading, you’ll learn to prioritize your expenses and focus on your management of savings.

Also, if you have been waiting for a good reason to start your emergency fund, now you probably have one.

Read how to start building an emergency fund right now and find out how much money you should have in such a fund, and where you should keep it.

You can explore the Goals feature with Wallet and target an amount and date to your emergency fund too!



If you were exploring the idea of getting on a budget, it is probably the best time to start. Some people never start with budgeting, because they:

  • Always think they can start tomorrow
  • Are afraid they would not stick to it
  • Find it too limiting for their financial freedom

If you want to get a clearer picture of your money and feel less stressed about the whole corona situation, read this article about how to start right now with no other excuses!

If you combine it with the automatic synchronization and Wallet daily or weekly reports, you will find out that budgeting is really not rocket science!

If still, you find the budgeting methods boring, complicated, restrictive, mind-numbing, cumbersome, maybe you just weren’t using the right method for you.

But we assure you! You can make budgeting working for you!! By the end of reading 5 ways to budget, you will have a clear idea of which method you want to try for the next week.

Each of us will face unique problems in the coming months. By reading this blog post about 5 common money problems a budget can fix, you will be able to master 5 tiny budget tweaks as smart solutions.

When you finish reading, you will find yourself ready to regain control over your money and to identify cost centers.


Couple money

Being squeezed in your flat for a couple of days with your partner may raise many topics to discuss. And money is surely one of them.

How to chat about money with your partner less awkwardly in corona times can help you prevent partnership disputes.

The topic is very personal, highly delicate. However, since we are going through tough changes as a society, you may find it useful.

Learn about do’s and don’ts in discussing money with your partner.

If you’re still facing relationship issues, maybe the problem is deeper.

Read this article about Money, love and emotional drives to find out why these talks can be so challenging.

When the air is cleared you can propose to start using BudgetBakers Group Sharing feature.


Wallet – system for your financial health

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