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What can you do with Wallet?

Get the big picture

Bring all your accounts to one place. See your spending in real-time.

Know how you spend

Spot spending habits. Learn to spend on things you really want.

Save to achieve goals

Create budgets that work for you. Fund your dreams by saving right.

Does your money make you happy?

Assign emotions to your expenses, learn about your real priorities and spend money on things that make you happy

Master your money with Wallet

  • Be aware

    Connect to your bank or import to see all your transactions in one place

  • Be organised

    Big goodbye to bad spending habits with shopping lists

  • Be in control

    Track your expenses and unlock key insights about your money

  • Be prepared

    Plan for big payments and pay off debt faster

  • Be focused

    Set savings goals and get an action plan to achieve them

  • Be a team player

    Budget and save more money with those you love and trust

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