Introducing Board: Driving Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing BudgetBaker’s Latest Creation: Board!

Board is a mobile-first business management platform designed to help small business owners make smarter decisions, whenever and wherever they want.

Think of it as a “fitness tracker” for your small business. A place where you can see everything at once, derive insight, and make wise decisions that truly benefit your bottom line.

Who is Board Designed to Help?

Board has been specifically designed with managers and owners in mind. 

Thoughtfully designed to provide information and insight that is relevant to your business, we built Board to provide relevant information, automatic updates, all while ensuring confidentiality with your most important data. 

You can use Board to: 

  • Control your business’ growth, profitability, and cash flow
  • Make smarter and timelier decisions (based on projections and estimates)
  • Organize your information with minimal effort in a trustworthy space
  • Automatically sync your account information in real-time

How Does Board Work?

Board is built around three key solutions to benefit your business:

Board bussines app

Cash Flow Management – Consolidating balances and transactions across every one of your accounts 

Sales Tracking –  Allowing you to track sales leads and orders to support your business growth

Budget Planning – Full control over invoices and your payment calendar

Offering a secure dashboard interface, Board provides an overall view of a company’s performance in terms of Growth, Profitability and Cash Flow. 

From there, customization becomes the name of the game. Using Board on your smarphone or the WebApp, you can utilize key tools to track sales and deals, pipeline analysis, as well as revenue projections. 

At the very same time, you can keep an eye on budget costs and estimate monitoring, resulting in a more comprehensive view of your cash flow, operating profitability, funding, and investments. 

There’s even a whole host of features which make your life easier: 

  • Customizable benchmarks to ensure that your business is on track
  • “Perfect Charts” which can be used to filter information
  • Sorting mechanisms to easily find leads, orders, receivables, and payables
  • Automated importing of bank transactions and invoices

Spreadsheets Don’t Work on Smartphones

Board goes beyond what typical spreadsheets can offer in terms of flexibility, input automation, and deep-dive analyses.

Have you tried working with spreadsheets on a smartphone? Not pretty. Yet your business in the 21st century is wherever you are. Some small businesses don’t even use desktop computers anymore.

Even more, Board is a reliable alternative to our Wallet platform for  current customers who want to keep their business expenses apart from personal ones.

Learn from the Past, Focus on the Future

Using Board, you can plan sales, track customers and orders, create your own invoices, budget for costs, plan cash flow, see your balances, and forecast future profitability – all from one place. 

It’s a place to drive your business, by the numbers, where it is most convenient for you. Ready to use Board to drive your business on your terms? 

Click here to learn more or check it out on Google Play to download and start today!

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