BudgetBakers Welcomes New Investors and Major Expansion Plan

Jan Muller, Martin Jiricka

New Partners with Experience

Our founders and the rest of the BudgetBakers team are very proud to announce that as of this week, BudgetBakers is part of a much bigger family. We have officially joined in an investment partnership with two highly successful startup veterans, Jasper Anderluh and Niels Klok. The pair founded the online brokerage DEGIRO together, and are now working on a virtual finance platform, which will include BudgetBakers at the core of its strategy.

Our partnership will include a sizable investment from our new partners, and a plan for 3 years of accelerated growth, product development, and increased customer service capabilities. BudgetBakers will, over the coming quarters, go live with dedicated native language services in select countries, among many other new developments.

Download the Press Release:

Or scroll down this to find more info about how this impacts BudgetBakers users and customers.

BudgetBakers 2021 Partnership PR Release

A Bigger Future, with Respect to our Roots

BudgetBakers is now at the heart of a new and ambitious global strategy, which we are excited to let our customers know more about in the coming months.

For now, you should know that nothing significant will change in the way Wallet or Board works. You may see additional features and new designs in the coming months that weren’t there before, but for anyone who relies on BudgetBakers’ platform to take care of their daily finances and spending, we will maintain and even improve all the features you love, while working on new ideas for the future.

The Privacy of our Customers is Not Negotiable

Throughout the process of partnering with a major new investor, the founding team at BudgetBakers have worked hard to ensure that our standards of privacy and respect for our customer’s ownership of their own data will continue to be upheld even as we become part of a larger global platform.

wallet 4.0At every step we have kept your privacy at the core of discussions, and we convinced that our partners share our values and respect the promise BudgetBakers has always kept to you: your data is your own.

In the future, BudgetBakers and our partners will begin to offer services which can use customer data to generate offers of new financial and other services that may be suitable to you. However, our pledge remains to never sell your personal or identifiable information to anyone, and to only create and share with you offers which you expressly wish to receive. In that way, the personal data of BudgetBakers users will remain now and in the future, in their own control.

Here is to a brighter future for BudgetBakers, and to all of our current and future customers!

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