Customer Operations Team

“We handle operations issues and focus on app users. It‘s important to listen to them, to collect feedback and, based on this, to respond and find solutions.“

“What I love about my job is having flexible work arrangements. It helps maintain my work – life balance.“

What We Do?

The customer support department provides tends to clients‘ needs when they have problems or questions. Our department extends to many areas of the company. Quality cooperation with other departments is essential. We help test applications, analyze problems, and propose new solutions.

We are responsible for making our product (Wallet, Board, PFM services) the best on the market, and for ensuring that we will continue to thrive as a company.

How We Work?

We closely cooperate with the development team and provide vital data for them. We collect this data from the responses of app users, and we suggest new solutions and features based on client feedback.

The normal workload of the customer service department consists of processing tickets that come to us via different channels. This includes communication with clientsbusiness partnerscolleagues from different departments, and third parties.

Our Ideal Colleague

Our ideal colleague is someone who is professional, committed, reliable, honest, friendly, and able to communicate within the team; someone who can quickly adapt to the constant changes that are typical for a fintech startup. The ideal colleague does not like things being typical and absolutely loves technology.

How it works