How This Millennial Uses Wallet To Bring Order To His Life

All of us are busy and have to remember to do a lot of things. It is, then, quite possible that we may miss out on a few important things. And, maybe these small things are what makes the real difference to our health, relationships, career or dreams. We set out to help ordinary people lead a rich life by freeing them from the stress of their finances. But a few days ago, we got to know of a millennial from India, Sukrit Bala, who told us how Wallet helped him not just manage his 11 financial accounts, but also remind him of his daily tasks he may have otherwise missed.

According to Sukrit, two of the most crucial things in life are time and money.

“As my watch tells me time, Wallet keeps me on the track about my finances,” he says. “It has helped me save in a structured way, by closely analyzing my spending habits.”

Sukrit says he is impressed by the level of detail and information that Wallet has brought to his finances and is glad that there are no “loose ends” anymore.

A Daily Diary

As mentioned above, Wallet, says Sukrit, also documents his day-to-day activities. “It helps a lot as I tend to forget things,” he says. Once, Sukrit was on medication following an injury and he had purchased a strip of capsules. He followed the dosage for the first few days, but soon forgot about when he had started his course.

The number of capsules left on the strip wasn’t a good enough indicator. “Then I went through Wallet and checked the purchase date and time,” he says.  “I knew I had taken the capsule at the time of purchase. So counted my way to present and remembered I had to take one. I avoided a break in the course or overdose, all because the transaction was recorded precisely on Wallet.”


The Secret Sauce To Success

What sets Wallet apart from the many other financial apps available, we asked Sukrit, a fan of fintech apps. “I had installed many such apps so that I could check which worked best for me. In just two weeks or so, I had abandoned the other apps and had taken to Wallet,” he says.

“The exhaustive features list is one of the main things that drew me to Wallet. The stability of the app is another. But the most important aspect that made me love Wallet was its intuitiveness.” Wallet, says Sukrit, makes you want to record your transactions and want to bring order to your finances.

“It makes you want to stick to your plans and succeed.”

The Budget, A Mental Leash

Sukrit admits that he is not using Wallet to its full potential now. “I love instant record filters, budgets, budget alerts, labels, cash flow charts, debt tracker… frankly I have to say that I’m still exploring all the awesome features of Wallet. I hope to start using more of its features gradually.”

One thing he loves about Wallet, says Sukrit, it takes out the shame and guilt from the way he manages money. “I follow a budget and most of the months I go overboard,” he says. “But at least I get to know when that happens and I know why that happens through Wallet. It then acts as a mental leash on my spending habits.”

Wallet allows you to make mistakes and learn from it, which is why it is flexible, hence realistic.

We need a tool that really works for us, not something that makes you feel terrible about yourself for making mistakes.

Know, Acknowledge and Analyse

If you have a problem, says Sukrit, the first step is to know it, acknowledge it, analyze it and then try to solve it. “You cannot expect to reach the last stage of solving directly,” he says. “With respect to my finances, Wallet helps me with the first three stages and pushes me to reach the final stage with ease.”

Most of us have decently-paying jobs, but why is it that we then fall into debt? “Because we don’t have a proper financial watch,” is Sukrit’s take on this. “Wallet has made me aware of my finances and helped in charting financial forecasts and analysis, which I thought only businesses had to do,” he says. “I have multiple bank accounts, credit cards and mobile wallets, which makes my finances unique. I’m looking for a solution that is unique and customisable to help solve my problems and not just offer a standard solution for all. Wallet offers me this and much more!”


Wallet – system for your financial health

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