Sales & Marketing Team

“We try to encourage people to be more mindful regarding their finances, and we are trying to help them to understand better how they should treat their finances.”

What We Do?

Marketing is a key activity for most companies and BudgetBakers is no different. 

Our Marketing and Sales department cares not only about promoting the Wallet app via various channels. But more importantly focus on retaining our customers by driving their engagement with Wallet app using internal and external resources. 

Our team is also responsible for finding the right balance between satisfying our customers and sustainability of our business.

How We Work?

People of BudgetBakers are used to working together. It is essential to cooperate in a team and with other divisions as well.

The Marketing and Sales department is key to working with the development team. They have information about what is new, what is planned, and so on. When a new campaign is being created, the department collaborates closely with customer support.

It gives feedback about customers opinions, what to improve, and what customers have to say about the app. This information is included in future campaigns.

Our Ideal Colleague

Our team is looking for a key worker who is an open-minded team player and easily fits into the group, who can work autonomously and in a team – someone with a good vibe who welcomes any feedback and has a friendly personality.

How it works