Sales & Marketing Team

We proudly communicate a unique proposition to a global audience through our mobile applications; especially the value of our premium services. We love to engage with existing users on personal or business finance matters.

“We encourage people to be more mindful of their finances, and help them understand how they can manage their money in order to lead a richer life.” – Michal Kratochvil, CEO

What We Do?

First and foremost we manage our mobile product listings on application stores. We do performance marketing in countries and channels where we can achieve a positive RoI.

Our direct-to-customer communications promote our products’ premium features at market relevant prices. We engage with a global audience and especially our existing users via social media and other channels.

How We Work?

Sales & Marketing is a small but truly international team bringing together highly skilled specialists in performance marketing, content copywriting, as well as creative promotions.

We closely cooperate with other teams in BudgetBakers, and participate in the prioritization of the product features to be developed and in-app communication strategy. We help to communicate customer service mass messages when needed.

We are a creative but number driven team.

Our Ideal Colleague

We value people with global marketing experience and/or aspirations, who are fast learners and self-driven, but at the same time help others to succeed as a team. 

A good, friendly vibe is essential, and openness to feedback is critical.

How it works