SHOPPING LIST: Beyond An Ordinary Grocery List

Sometimes, our minds tend to jump from one thought to another. To concentrate on daily tasks, or to focus on what you need to buy for the weekend, might be far more difficult than normal.

Therefore, we introduced a new widget, called “Shopping List” to help make the process far easier for you.

A Grocery List – Ordinary, but Useful!

We’ve already written about the latest upgrade of this widget which enables you to customize pricing, set reminders, and choose optional currencies.

That said, you can share your shopping list with other family members. Now, you can really check to see if somebody wasn’t quick enough in buying bread. 

This function takes away all the frustration of forgetting something since you can simply message your partner to find out. 

But what if you need to organize something more complex than just a weekend family breakfast?

“Do I Have It?”  Versus “Do I Need to Buy It?”

I’m sure you know this night: You invite your friends over for a party, but you’re way too busy to think about the food! Next thing you know, everyone is over and you don’t even have a single sausage! 

That’s why we created our Shopping List feature, to help solve this problem once and for all. Think of it like a clever checklist, which answers the question “Do I have all I need for the party?” 

You simply create a list of the things you might need, from meat, BBQ sauce, all the way up to wooden coal. When the spring comes and you organize another joyful evening, you can take a quick glance and see what ingredients you miss and need to buy. 

A simple Shopping List can save you a lot of stress, time, and money.

Here’s A Tip:: you might want to set up a reminder for one day, week or month before your event is happening. With our Shopping List feature, you can do it in four clicks.



Keep It Easy, Keep It Simple – Buy and Relax

There are probably more moments than just a garden party where you need to think “do I have it or do I need to buy it?”

You can find checklists any time you are going on a hike and you need to pack all the right equipment. 

Or, any Friday you are disappearing for a camping trip, you can simply open Wallet and check if you have everything packed, or if you need to make a last-minute trip for something like a first aid kit.



Catch Up On Thoughts and Inspiration

Your imagination has no limits, so you can create thousands of checklists! 

Maybe you want to create a list called “Book” to write down all the inspiring stories you want to read or buy to add to your library. “Films” you want to see. 

A list named “Presents” is quite popular to remember those ideas which pop up while you’re in the shower or on the tram. 

Also, this is where the reminder function is super useful. Not only do you now have the idea written down, you can set a reminder to buy the gift to make your loved ones happy!

Estimation is another thing that can be convenient, especially with something like the “Present” category. 

You can calculate how much you want to spend i.e. for Christmas presents while including the spending on your monthly budget. Just like that, you can now keep a closer eye on your overall financial flow. 

So, as you can see, with a drop of resourcefulness you can transform an ordinary Shopping List into a collection of your thoughts and insights. 

Just like that, your boring grocery list may become the bullet of never-ending inspiration of where to look when you are out of ideas for a new place to grab lunch – or when you’re looking for new books to read. It’s that simple!  


Empower Your Productivity!

Sometimes we need to organize more complex things than just items from the supermarket. Especially when it comes to work-life balance.

In the same way, as Wallet can help you to have all the information about your finances in one place, you may find other smart apps that can capture your ideas and do things. Ultimately, you can prioritize them at your liking and in a way that suits your productivity. 

In combination with Wallet, it might be a perfect match to keep your life in sync! Are you curious about what’s out there? 

Wunderlist, Monday or To-do-ist are well-designed task management tools that help you to transform any to-do list tasks which you can color, organize, and manage with your team. 

It’s not just about getting your stuff done, but about supporting you in the process. How? You can set weekly and monthly goals to keep track of your progress through visualized data. 

So, if you are a lover of different fintech apps, graphics, achieving which help to hack your life, try any of these, starting with Wallet on Google play or App Store!

Once you get your finances in order, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to manage your productivity better than before.


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