Who doesn’t want to save money? Jan Müller wanted an efficient way to do it but found none so he created it! Since its origins in 2010, Wallet became a powerful tool helping people manage their home finance. Its functions stemmed from the ideas and needs of both the dedicated team and the users. The BudgetBakers’ team members have been regular users once who wanted to contribute more and lead the app into the future of personal finance tech. Meet the team!

Jan Müller
Founder & Product Manager
Jan (Honza) Müller is the founder of the famous Wallet Android application and the company BudgetBakers. He had previously worked for, AVAST and Česká spořitelna. It was he who then set in movement the great project we are a part of. The Wallet app is his dream and the child of his inspiration and innovative spirit. He’s the core developer and CTO of the team.
Michal Kratochvíl
CEO & Investor
Michal Kratochvíl brings decades of experience in banking to his head role at BudgetBakers, where he intends to push the company towards closer cooperation with consumer banking in Europe, and worldwide. Michal served over 20 years as Director of Accenture in Central Europe, and he joined StartupYard (Seed Accelerator) as a shareholder, investor, and mentor in 2015.
Martin Jiřička
Business Development
Martin Jiřička is one of the principal investors. His work concerns mainly team management but with his skills from IT, investing and management, Martin is invaluable in the many challenges the company has met and is going to meet. He has worked e.g. for and is currently working also for Liftago. If you want to spot great start-ups bringing useful apps into the world, Martin is your guy!
Ivan Svítek
Board of Advisors
Ivan Svitek’s professional career includes experience in the consumer goods area, in government structures, in banking and in the area of consumer credit. Ivan has worked in various markets of Europe and Latin America. He spent 5 years in Brazil as Managing Director of GE Money Bank in Sao Paulo or 6 years as Chairman of the Board & CEO of Home Credit Finance Bank in Russia.
Tomáš Zdražil
Marketing Director
Tomáš field of responsibilities in BudgetBakers is from finding the right people to bring this application to different markets, through UX, development or customer service. He plans and implements sales and marketing activities.
Erik Botta
Tester & Infrastructure Admin
All new features go through Erik’s hands before you see them in your app! His thorough testing and expertise ensure that bugs are fixed, features optimized and interface made more intuitive before the update gets to you.
Andrej Kuročenko
Java Developer
Andrej makes the sync, data storage and automatic updates go ever so flawlessly and smoothly. He also knows his way around stats and analytics very well.
Matěj Trakal
Android Developer
Matěj works on Wallet for Android together with Jan Muller. Thanks to his work, the app runs smoothly on many thousands Android devices and stays fast, functional and beautiful!
Pavel Mareš
iOS Project manager
Pavel is the one, who is looking after our iOS app. His job is to give users not only stable version, but test the app until there are no bugs. He is responsible for quality of app, that our great developers creating for you.
Jakub Kočí
Web developer
How to use Wallet on PC? Via the web app! Jakub is skilled and well-organized developer who turns Wallet into the great web application with the same user comfort as the Android version offers.
Nikolaj Rýfr Mokrý
UX Designer
Nikolaj represents the voice, joys and needs of our users. He makes sure that all our apps are easy to use and full of features that make sense. World doesn’t need another boring money app, and he’s here to prove that.
Maxim Yanbekov
UI Designer
The main responsibility for Maxim is to make Wallet more beautiful. As a graphic designer, he takes care of the visual identity of all elements the app consists of. Wallet definitely becomes a piece of art!
Tomáš Protiva
Customer Support
Tom is ready to help you with your problems or answer your questions as a member of our tech support group. Don´t be afraid to ask him anything and anytime.
Mariia Martynova
Office Manager
Office fairy and Universal Soldier in one person. She assists with all neccesary stuff the team just doesn’t have time to do, as arranging the space and inside processes. Helps everybody to make the work of the entire team faster and more effective.
Marin Mannies
Customer Support Lead
We have a passion for helping customers all day, every day. We want to make sure that we consistently provide an all around positive experience every time. We’re here for you!
Eliška Klimtová
Customer Support
The most rewarding part of being in support, for me, is the time spent with customers, helping them use Wallet and keeping them happy.