Technology Team

“I like that we are continually improving the technology we use. Improvement is part of our development cycle. We choose the technology for each purpose separately. Our cluster runs with Kubernetes using GitLab and Terraform to control it. Services are written mostly in Scala, Python, and Kotlin.“

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What We Do?

We take care of the Wallet and Board apps; for that, we do the technical stuff – mobile and web app development, cloud-run microservices, and the whole network infrastructure: security, deployment, etc.

Our backend team uses a wide range of technologies primarily based on a Scala language and related frameworks: Akka HTTP, Cats, and Tapir

From the infrastructure and development point of view, we use Docker, K8s, and GitLab.

How We Work?

We are migrating the last monolithic application to a full microservice architecture to “split” the last monolithic application into a bunch of well-tested microservices.

Our routine is probably typical of any IT company developing high-quality software: writing, coding, automated tests, documentation, and maintaining current services. From time to time, we participate in meetings based on the agile methodology.

Cooperation with colleagues from other teams is usually made via communication tools such as Slack, Google Meet, or in person on company premises.

Our Ideal Colleague

Our ideal colleague appreciates the benefits of automated testing. We like to discuss solutions, but we do not depend on each other during the implementation. Our ideal colleague owns their task and learns or asks questions. He/she should have a passion for clean code, repositories, and solutions.

How it works