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Wallet by BudgetBakers is your friend when it comes to keeping track of your expenses while aligning to your budget goals. Questions like, ‘How much can I spend?’ or ‘Can I afford this?’ are easily answered with Wallet.

Record expenses automatically simply by linking your bank account to the app. Wallet is designed for you to know where and when your money leaves your account. Useful tools such as categorization, alerts, setting limits, and monitoring expense records are all made possible on the app.

We know it’s good to look at your monthly budget and goals together and at once for achievable success. Which is why the app divides categories into easy to read charts with exportable data available.

We’ve compiled a few useful tips to aid you in your budget which we hope you will find useful and absolutely conceivable while using Wallet.

  • When making your budget, always include an emergency fund, if possible.
  • Make sure you’re not spending on unhealthy habits, try to look for cheaper options to things and be as frugal as possible while still enjoying life. But remember, life is more enjoyed without debt.
  • If you’re going out for coffee with friends, try substituting another activity like going to the movies or buying alcohol. Choose one healthy splurge, and try to remember the benefits of saving. Medical emergencies or a surprised life event may come, and we here at Wallet want you to be prepared.
  • Making sure you have each category expense recorded.
  • Always look at what you must have before buying what you want to have.
  • Check your budget daily or weekly to be reminded of your financial health status.
  • Prioritize where your money needs to go, does more need to be allocated to food versus shopping.


Wallet – system for your financial health

Wallet is available for you worldwide with over 10,000 bank integrations.

It has over 5,000,000 downloads and 400,000 active users.

You can be one of them! Buy a yearly plan with a 50% discount right now!

Find the app on the App Store or Google Play and explore it! Or start by signing up for our WebApp today.

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