3 Ultimate Travel Checklists That Every Traveller Needs

How good it feels to roam around quaint streets, gobble street food, get your feet wet on the beach or just lose yourself watching a beautiful sunset at your dream destination! But anyone who has ever travelled knows that all this magic comes together as a result of extensive and efficient planning. From booking tickets to deciding what to pack, arranging things for when you’ll be away and checking weather forecasts, good travel planning is what ensures that you have a stress-free vacation.

But it also happens that after all that planning, you forget to take batteries for your camera or worse your toothbrush and end up having to shop for it once you get to your destination. And, that’s exactly why you need a travel checklist.

A checklist makes sure that you don’t forget things. It makes you more organized and helps you save both time and money. Most importantly, it lets you be stress-free!

You can use checklists for pretty much anything while you’re travelling.

To list out things you need to plan for on your trip, for things you need to get done before you leave home, for places you would want to cover during your trip, for keeping track of what to pack, for knowing what documents to carry with you and even for who all to get gifts back from your destination.

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So here are three essential travel checklists that will save the day when you’re on the road.

1. The ultimate checklist for planning your next trip

  1. Check your travel document: Make sure that your passport, visas and permits are ready and valid for long enough for your trip’s duration. 
  2. Book tickets: Depending on when and where you’re travelling to, make reservations for flights, trains, buses or so. Do this well in advance to get cheaper rates. 
  3. Check if you need insurance: Some countries make it mandatory to take travel medical insurance. Do your research and see if the country you’re travelling to requires it or whether you’d want to take one even otherwise. 
  4. Book accommodation: Make hotel or Airbnb reservations or make arrangements if you’re Couchsurfing or living with friends and family. 
  5. Make list of valuables: This is a very important thing that most of us forget. Make sure to keep a list of all valuable items that you will be carrying with you on your trip. As discussed in one of our previous posts, in the unfortunate incident that your baggage goes missing or you get robbed, it will be of great help if you have a list of gadgets, jewellery or other such valuables for the airlines, the police or your insurance company. 
  6. Download travel apps: Wallet is a great app for travel planning and keeping track of your finances while on the road. Download other important apps that you may need during your trip like translators, maps, Uber, Zomato and public transport schedules. 
  7. Check your luggage: Depending on how you’ll be travelling to and from your destination and within various stops in your trip, check if you have the right-sized luggage and bags. 

2. The ultimate packing list for your next trip

What to pack depends on many factors like destination you’re travelling to, season you’re travelling in, your personal preferences and so on.

Here’s a list of all the basic things you’ll need if you’re packing for a trip in a carry-on. Feel free to add or take off things to suit your vacation.

(Remember, this list does not include clothes. You can find season-wise, gender-wise packing lists for clothes on sites like OneBag and HerPackingList.)

  1. Passport
  2. Tickets
  3. Local ID
  4. Itinerary/Travel Plan
  5. Copies of Important Documents
  6. Cash and Cards (Debit, Credit, Travel etc.)
  7. Other documents like travel insurance, international license, warranty cards etc.
  8. Toiletries bag (On most flights, you’ll be allowed to carry only one quart-sized ziplock bag filled with 100 ml bottles of toiletries.)
  9. Medicines
  10. Earphones
  11. Phone Charger
  12. Laptop/Tablet/Kindle with Charger
  13. Camera with Charger
  14. Memory Cards/Hard Disks
  15. Power Bank
  16. Travel Adapters
  17. Travel towel
  18. Pen
  19. Luggage Lock

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3. The ultimate household checklist to use before you leave

There are things to be taken care off or delegated while you’ll be away. So here’s all what you will need to remember to do before taking off on your vacation.

  1. Throw away leftovers & perishable food
  2. Empty trash
  3. Make arrangements for plants & pets
  4. Charge all electronic devices
  5. Check memory cards for space
  6. Unplug electronic devices
  7. Hold mail and other subscriptions
  8. Inform family or friends & leave itinerary of your trip with one trusted person
  9. Lock all doors & windows
  10. Take out cash to meet last-minute expenses

With these three essential travel checklists, we’re sure you’ll feel more confident and less anxious on your holiday.

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Over to you…

Have you created a travel checklist on Wallet or otherwise? What are your essential items? Or, did we miss out on something important? Do let us know your ideas and suggestions.

Happy holidays!

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