Introducing Wallet Life on Wallet

Ever heard of some awesome new service that helps you save some money or whip up some extra cash and were left thinking, “Damn! Why didn’t I hear of this earlier?”

So to save you from that FOMO and to make it easier for you to avail the best services, we are introducing a brand new section on Wallet called Wallet Life.

What’s Wallet Life?

On Wallet Life, you’ll be able to find some awesome services that’ll help you lead a richer life curated for you by us.

And, first in this series of interesting partnerships that we’ve made for Wallet Life is with our friends, the flight angels at ClaimAir.


We’ve written about what these flight angels at ClaimAir do to make your life as air passengers easier and hassle-free. In short, they let you claim your rights when you face any unforeseen flight issues.

Did you know that you’re entitled to get up to 600EUR on delayed or cancelled flights and up to 1400EUR on lost or damaged luggage?

We didn’t either! And, you can claim these amount for trips you made up to 3 years ago, up to 5 years for flights to/from France, and up to 6 years, if you are in the UK.

What’s more, you can do this in a jiffy now, and, that, too, from within Wallet!


How To Claim From Wallet

It’s as simple as can be. Find the new Wallet Life section from your main menu and find the ClaimAir offer in it.

Click on the Report Flight Issue button to start your claim process.

Fill in basic information like your flight number and departure date and press the check mark on the top-right corner to seal the deal! You’ll soon get an email with further instructions on how to go ahead with your claim.


Smart Assistant To The Rescue

We know you’re busy and have a hundred things on your mind. So we don’t want you to miss out on claiming what is entitled to you lawfully! Never mind if all this does skip your mind for a while, because that’s when our Smart Assistant will come to your rescue.

Switch on Smart Assistant and it will remind you, based on geo-location data, when it thinks you can claim compensation on your trips.

Never miss out on claiming your rights!

Over To You

We’d love it you would try out this feature and let us know your feedback and suggestions on it. Also, do let us know what other services you think would be good fits for Wallet Life!

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