Introducing Wallet Now: You’ll Never Look At Your Money The Same Way Again

New feature alert: Your dashboard gets a makeover into two new sections: Accounts & Wallet Now. Make better money decisions starting NOW!

One of the main principles we believe in at BudgetBakers is simplicity. And, this is a lesson we have learnt from you, our users.

All our decisions are based on this mantra. We want to help you simplify your finances. And, every day our team tries to make changes and introduce new elements within Wallet that help you do this.  

And, so we decided it was time to give your dashboard a facelift!

Yes, with our latest update, your dashboard on Wallet gets a magic makeover!

What has changed?

The old dashboard has been replaced by a fresh, clean and concise view of your finances, with two brand new sections: Accounts & Wallet Now.

All your accounts at one place

The new Accounts section brings all your accounts to a single screen and is clutter-free. You no longer have to swipe between your accounts. You can see all crucial information about your money in one place, thus simplifying your finances and making it easier to focus on what really matters.

You can easily switch between accounts with a single tap now. Also, get information about your money in multiple accounts with the new multi-selection functionality.

Want to see all your transactions from three different credit card accounts? Or want to quickly see how the total balance between yours and your partner’s account looks this week? Just tap on the account names of your choice to select them and get a clear picture of your finances.

What is Wallet Now?

Wallet Now is a control panel of sorts that shows you crucial information about your finances and help you take good money decisions right now, on the go!

You no longer need to sift through different sections of Wallet to get a quick look at your finances. With Wallet Now, all these different features within the app are literally just one click away.

You can add, edit and make necessary changes to just about anything right from this screen. Be it your goals, records, planned payments or budgets.

Wallet Now is also smart enough to alert you to take necessary actions on Wallet to make sure you stay on track. It stays one step ahead of you, informing you of updates and tips,  so you can feel more confident while making money decisions throughout the day.

What’s more, you can also get information on current currency rates and personal finance tips to ensure that you stay financially fit always.

In this first version of Wallet Now, you’ll find different cards with:


We’d love to hear from you!

Wallet Now is still a work in progress and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! We hope that you will all try it out and send your ideas, suggestions and feedback about this new feature here.

Finally, Ready to take a look at Wallet Now?

Great! Just update to the latest available version of Wallet.

Note: Wallet Now is currently available on Android devices. It is coming really soon to Wallet for iOS!

We’re always here to help. If you face any difficulties or have any questions, feel free to head over to our Help Center or reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Let’s make Wallet better together!

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