What’s New On Wallet?

We have released some exciting new features on the app and fixed some annoying bugs for you.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

A brand new Budgets section

Setting and managing budgets have become ever more easier with the new Budgets section on Wallet. Now, see your weekly, monthly and yearly budgets at one place and move between them to get a quick picture of your spending patterns.

Each item in the section displays a bar that tracks your spending. It also shows the amount of money spent, saved or overspent in the period.

To make it even easier, we have colour-coded these bars. If the bar is green, you have no reason to fret as you are well within your budget. Take note if your bar turns orange, because that means you are fast approaching your spending limit. And, if you happen to overspend your budget, the bar turns red.

You can also view each Budget separately and take a look at the new fancy additions that are on offer. Each budget now shows a periodical forecast, a pie chart showing category divisions, recommended daily spending and a bar chart comparing your spending with budgets of previous periods.

And, we know that all of us need a little nudge to take notice. So you can now set notifications as you create a new budget to alert you if you are at the risk of overspending a budget or when you have already overspent one. You can change these settings anytime while editing individual budgets.

While we are still at the topic of notifications, let us introduce our next new release…

Notifications Centre

We have created a unified space where you can configure all the different notifications you receive from Wallet. Listed under the Settings section, the Notifications Centre lets you enable, disable and manage your notification settings for Smart reminder, Budgets, Planned payments, Debt due dates and Currency rate updates.

When you navigate further down this screen, something new will catch your eye. And, that’s the next feature we absolutely adore — the smarter than ever Smart Assistant!

Smart Assistant is like an intelligent friend, who travels with you, and reminds you to track your spending. And, why is it smart? Because, it knows that you may be lazy at times or just plain tired and does not want this to come in your way of managing money.

Using your location data, Smart Assistant alerts you when it thinks that you may have made a payment and forgotten to track it. You just need to enter the amount you spent and Smart Assistant will automatically log it under the respective category.

Say, you went to the supermarket to pick up some vegetables. Once you leave the supermarket, Smart Assistant sends you a notification reminding you to track this expense. All you need to do is enter the amount and Smart Assistant will automatically put this under the Grocery category.

What else is new?

Now, Wallet will also

  • automatically update currency rates every day, and
  • show planned payments in records overview.

To get the full list of all updated features, go to Changelog listed under Settings in Wallet.

We value your feedback and work around it to make sure that you have access to the best version of Wallet! We want to hear from you. Write to us at support@www-2.budgetbakers.com.

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