What is a credit limit: A credit limit is incredibly critical to virtually every individual. Practically speaking, a credit limit for your credit card is the max balance you are allowed to have on your credit card, usually given by a financial institution or lender. A normal credit limit depends on you and how much you are able to
  Wallet by BudgetBakers is your friend when it comes to keeping track of your expenses while aligning to your budget goals. Questions like, ‘How much can I spend?’ or ‘Can I afford this?’ are easily answered with Wallet. Record expenses automatically simply by linking your bank account to the app. Wallet is designed for you to know where
Nervous to make the tax submission deadline? Wallet is here to calm your nerves through practical and easy steps for making the target date and staying relaxed. We have prepared some necessary habits for pragmatic preparation for tax season by using Wallet by BudgetBakers. We want you to stay sane, and healthy this Spring; which is why we do
We know it’s incredibly time savvy to create lists for when you’re at the store, but isn’t it a lot more gratifying to also know how much you can spend and how much you need to save based on every item? That’s why we originally created a widget in the Wallet by Budgetbakers app, which allows users to create

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