We recently asked our community: How much do you think is reasonable to spend on a wedding in 2022?  More than 46% said that they can imagine a wedding for less than $5000. Nearly 40% indicated that $5,000 to $10,000 is realistic. 14% think spending $10,000 to $25,000 is reasonable, and only about 5% think more than $25,000 is
Disclaimer: BudgetBakers and its employees are not qualified financial advisors, and the following does not constitute investment advice of any kind. Please contact a qualified financial advisor before making any financial decisions based on this information. This information is purely educational. We take no responsibility for financial decisions made using this information. These are questions that most working people
This summer I’m invited to a wedding. A good friend of mine is getting married to her longtime boyfriend. For the ceremony, the couple has chosen a beautiful small village in the southwest of Switzerland, close to where they live.  So lately I’ve been busy trying to find the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom. That’s when
Are you studying abroad as an international student? Then you’re not only exploring new cultures, making lifelong friends, and learning a new language. You’re also facing a whole new set of challenges – one of which is financing your stay abroad. Recurring payments such as for student loans, tuition, rent and transportation are only part of the costs you
While my colleague Leonie has focused on writing about budgeting for a college student’s summer holidays, I decided to create some sample budgets to show how to save for vacation as an “adult”. Unlike the budgets of my colleague, these examples are aimed at more “adult” vacationers with a slightly larger budget – but also more expenses.  I’m going
A student vacation is wonderful thing. You get to know the most beautiful places in the world, meet interesting people, taste delicious food and get away from stressful college life.  Plus, as a student, you have a lot more time to travel than “adult” vacationers. Semester breaks or the time between the end of your bachelor’s degree and the
You probably spend more on monthly subscriptions than you think – a lot more. That’s what a study by West Monroe, a Chicago-based technology consulting firm, suggests. In their comparison between 2018 and 2021, they show how much the average American spent on subscription services over these three years and how much they underestimated their spending.  West Monroe surveyed
EU consumers have been paying exorbitant prices for gas, electricity and oil since 2021 – and the trend is rising. Partly because of greater demand and rising wholesale prices, partly because of the war in Ukraine and a possible embargo. Here’s how high EU energy costs in 2022 will be. Find out what you’ll be paying and how you
Rising oil prices and the demand for more climate-friendly transportation are fueling many people’s desire for an electric car. Wondering under what conditions it’s worth switching? Take a look at the overall comparison of electric cars vs gas cars. We have analyzed a 2021 Tesla Model 3 and a 2021 Jaguar XF IC vehicle for you and can give
Across the world in the last two years, millions of people have been forced -or indeed, finally permitted- to reevaluate the conditions in which they live and work. Many have begun, if not to openly demand reforms in our ways of working and living, then at least to formulate their grievances and discuss them. Online communities like /r/antiwork have
Inflation is growing, and that’s not good news for your pocket money. But what is inflation, and what can you do to combat its effects?
How much should you give to charity? To save the reader any suspense, that isn’t a question we feel we can answer for you. No. This post isn’t about answering that question, instead, it’s about asking it. Many of us give to charity. Even more of us want to give to charity, and even more of us still just
They say money can’t make you happy. Is that really true? What if being happy is a function of what you do with your money?  At BudgetBakers we often talk about saving money. That makes sense. We make budgeting and expense tracking software, after all. Still, our mission is not “help our customers save money,” it’s to give people
Financial Well-Being. What is it? Do you have it? The holidays have come and gone, and as most of us go back to work (or go back to working at home), it’s a critical time for recalibrating and improving the way we manage our personal finances. Two years into a global pandemic, health is on everyone’s mind this year.
If you’re a BudgetBakers customer, you’re probably smarter than the average person. That’s what our research tells us anyway. You may not be susceptible to the most obvious of marketing and money scams, but that doesn’t mean that even the smartest people don’t occasionally get hooked into something they don’t fully understand. That’s what today’s discussion is all about.

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