Today may well feel like one of the worst times imaginable to buy a home. Indeed, interest rates are the highest they’ve been in decades, and the prices of homes in most developed regions are out of reach even for the average middle class buyer. That’s why millions of people are currently struggling to find an affordable property and wondering
Debt is a reality for many of us. While it can be a useful tool for achieving important financial milestones like owning a home or completing a college education, it can also be a significant source of stress and worry. Especially in times of inflation, when prices for daily necessities are sky high and financial insecurity is severe. If you
The year 2022 was a year of staggering financial uncertainty. Inflation reached record highs, and fears of recession, i.e., a decline in economic growth and resulting job losses, leaves consumers wondering when will prices go down. In January this year, record levels of inflation continued to batter consumers, as everything from food to rent to energy continued to climb.
For millennials and Gen-Z, especially in western countries, the meaning of work and a happy life have changed drastically in recent years. Especially in America, the promise of opportunities and financial stability with the help of budgeting that came with a college degree or technical education has evaporated for many of us. The cost of education has grown completely
Today we live in a culture of consumption and waste. Consumers are encouraged to buy the latest, shiny new device or piece of clothing, usually at discounted prices, in bulk – the opposite of sustainable shopping. The problem is that fast fashion and other cheaply made consumer novelties are usually not made to last. Not only this, but what
We could pick any arbitrary number of reasons why you deserve a raise. The simple fact is that you probably deserve one just because you’re awesome. Otherwise why would you be here?  But seriously: the proper functioning of the free market requires that workers constantly press for the best possible conditions from their employers. Not only is it ok
Inflation is slowing – but prices for energy, especially natural gas and crude oil, are still at record levels in early 2023.  Many economists agree that most of the increase that we have seen in energy prices can be attributed to simple supply and demand. The world is highly dependent on fossil gas to meet its energy needs, but
Are we in a recession? Our financial experts already got to the bottom of this question in August 2022. Their conclusion: the consequences of the pandemic and inflation have already foreshadowed an imminent recession last summer.  Now most economists agree: a recession in 2023 is inevitable; the only question is how hard it will hit consumers.  The outcome depends
2022 was a year of financial struggles for many. The pandemic, inflation, and the beginning of a recession not only made our lives more expensive and took away many jobs, but also made us worry about the future. When will prices for gasoline, electricity, gas and food finally go down again? And when will the economy recover from these
According to leading cybersecurity experts at F5, the COVID-19 pandemic saw an over 200% rise in the incidence of phishing attacks, as well as a rise in other forms of cybersecurity threats around the world. The pandemic lockdowns pushed far more of the world’s workers to hybrid or fully-online working arrangements, creating many new vectors for cybersecurity threats than
It’s December 2022. For about a year and a half, consumers around the world have been experiencing sky-high prices for nearly all everyday necessities. The culprit is inflation, i.e. the broad increase in the prices of goods and services, resulting in a loss of purchasing power. While general inflation in the European Union was at 0.5% in 2020, it’s
Cybersecurity and protection from phishing is a top priority at BudgetBakers. It’s crucial that you, our customers,  feel safe when using our apps. This includes, for one, the guaranteed confidentiality of your data, which we won’t pass on to third parties, either now or in the future.  For another, we want to educate you about cybersecurity and protect you
Digital nomads are people, sometimes self-employed but also possibly employed full or part time, who work mainly online, enabling them to explore the world while maintaining a regular income.  They come in all ages and occupations, but they are most typically found in knowledge work and creative professions that don’t require the worker to be physically present at an
“The burden is so heavy that even if you graduate, you may not have access to the middle-class life that the college degree once provided.” This statement is from President Joe Biden on August 25, 2022, the day of the release of one of the most important bills of his term: the Student Debt Relief Plan. A long-awaited bill
Good preparation, speed and a dose of luck. These are the three factors that financial expert Ricardo Tunnissen believes are critical to successfully buying and renting out an apartment. In his guest post for BudgetBakers, he shares how he became a first-time home buyer in Germany and how much money he makes renting out his apartment. Are you considering

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