For our second post detailing the financials of a real Airbnb, we turn to a real member of the BudgetBakers team who owns an Airbnb in Prague, our home city, and who helped us develop our Airbnb Revenue Calculator.  They have graciously shared their statistics to give us a sharper picture of what the economics of Airbnb look like.
The internet is full of neverending lists, tips and manuals on “how to organize your money better“, “how to start using a budget“ or  “become more responsible when it comes to your spending.”  But, what if you tried to look at your money less as a tool of cruel self-discipline? What if you started seeing your money as a
The last thing you’d want to be stressed about while travelling is not having enough money to cover your costs. You want to be sure that you’re spending within your means, but you don’t want to be constantly checking your wallet, and be preoccupied and stressed about it. When BudgetBakers’ Andrej Kurocenko, backend lead, and Jan Jerabek, front-end developer,
Taking a year off to travel is a dream for many of us. And, it is only common that we hit the farthest place from home when we set out on such an adventure. Mia Zaccardo, a policy officer from Adelaide, and her partner, Ben, had travelled to a fair share of places outside of Australia. But everyone they
Being a student leader is an exhilarating experience! Your peers have chosen you to represent them and find solutions to their problems. This not just makes you a role model for many and puts you in a position of power, but also brings with it a lot of duties and responsibilities. And, what if your responsibilities include fundraising and
Good habits start young, they say. This is quite true in the case of Gaukhar Yergaleyeva, a software engineer based in Malaysia. Being a responsible daughter to her parents, she realised early on in her student life that she had to learn to manage her money well. Gaukhar studied abroad, and so did her sister. This meant that her
All of us are busy and have to remember to do a lot of things. It is, then, quite possible that we may miss out on a few important things. And, maybe these small things are what makes the real difference to our health, relationships, career or dreams. We set out to help ordinary people lead a rich life
It is only when you start living on your own and paying for everything yourself, that most people realise that financial ‘adulting’ is not all that fun! Ghent-based content engineer Sofie Vandenhoven, who had only recently graduated, didn’t take too long to figure that most of what she earned was slipping away too fast. Earning all the money back
Money and our lack of control over it has always been a cause of stress for people around the world. A recent report by Bank of America states that about 67% of millennials say that they aren’t able to focus on work and life because of financial stress. Then why are they not taking enough measures to deal with
Many personal finance management apps are built to make you feel miserable about the way you manage money. There are red flags when there’s too little money in your account. There’re too many nosey nudges when you overspend. And, there are constant reminders about how you’ve failed yet again! In short, checking these apps feel like a vicious circle
Yay! You’ve moved to Wallet. But, nay! You’ve a whole lot of transaction data from previous years stored elsewhere. A list that you meticulously and diligently created one at a time over the years. We feel you and that’s why we rolled out our new feature Imports. We do not want your efforts to go wasted and we want you
Allowances, tuition fee, group outings, house parties, mess bills, exam fees… we’ve all been there! Managing your money as a student is far from easy. All the excitement of breaking out of your parents’ shadows and being free fizzles out as soon as you’re bombarded with real-life responsibilities. You soon realize that adulting isn’t all that fun. Money is
We are all guilty of doing it! Of not checking our bank statements just enough. We don’t blame you. They are not the prettiest or most interesting of documents, we know! But putting them aside as soon they come in without digging deeper may cost you a lot. Even without you realizing. Stefany Báez, from Dominican Republic, couldn’t agree

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