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5 Ways Women Can Take Control Of Their Money Now

The 2018 theme for the International Women’s Day is Press for Progress, which means women everywhere are being asked to do their bit to press for gender parity. But you don’t have to head to a march or start a hashtag to show your support. After all, big changes usually start in your own backyard! …

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5 Side Hustles That’ll Help You Make Extra Money This Year

There is no doubt that millennials have redefined how we work as we knew it once. They’ve brought in a new culture of working on whatever you love, from wherever you want and whenever you’re most productive. But it is also true that the millennials are the ones who hustle the most.  Last year, when …

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Introducing Wallet Now: You’ll Never Look At Your Money The Same Way Again

New feature alert: Your dashboard gets a makeover into two new sections: Accounts & Wallet Now. Make better money decisions starting NOW! One of the main principles we believe in at BudgetBakers is simplicity. And, this is a lesson we have learnt from you, our users. All our decisions are based on this mantra. We …

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How Wallet Helps This Millennial Prioritise And Plan Her Purchases

Good habits start young, they say. This is quite true in the case of Gaukhar Yergaleyeva, a software engineer based in Malaysia. Being a responsible daughter to her parents, she realised early on in her student life that she had to learn to manage her money well. Gaukhar studied abroad, and so did her sister. …

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How To Choose A Debt Payoff Strategy That Works For You

A few days ago, BudgetBakers conducted a survey among our user base to find out what are the most pressing personal finance problems that our users are struggling with. Debt and figuring out how to pay it off came first in the list of problems, with over 60% of our users claiming that they needed …

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Why You Need An Emergency Fund & How To Start Building One Right Now

You step out on a seemingly perfect morning, happy to face yet another day. But en route to work, a motorcyclist scrapes past your car, forcing you to brake suddenly, only to bump into the car in front of yours. Needless to say, damages ensue. It’s the last day of the month and you’ve to …

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Talking Money: On Why Millennials Need To Face The Numbers With Broke Millennial, Erin Lowry

When we started the BudgetBakers blog, we were clear about one thing — we wouldn’t offer unsolicited advice or preach about the one-right-way to manage money! Why? Because, we know that there is no such thing. We respect each of your money management systems and what we offer are simple, yet intelligent solutions to make this process …

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How To Make Your Financial Resolutions Stick In 2018

It’s that time of the year again. Celebrations are in full swing and people all around the world are gearing up to welcome the New Year. With the New Year comes new hopes, new dreams and new decisions. Yes, we are hinting at the the dreaded, infamous New Year resolutions. Studies and surveys have shown …

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8 Ways to Make The Most Of Group Sharing On Wallet

Group Sharing is now available on Wallet for iOS. This means you can share your finances across devices and platforms! Start building stronger relationships now! Talking about money is awkward. No matter who is on the other end of the conversation. In fact, a survey conducted by Wells Fargo & Co found that 44% of …

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Infographic: How Much Is The World Spending On Holiday Shopping?

World over, people have started shopping for the holidays. The pressure is mounting and people are loading up on gifts, household supplies, home decor items and food to celebrate this season to the fullest. Consumer surveys and studies have predicted that this year will see a spike in the amount of money the world is …

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Top 6 Personal Finance Experts on How To Save Money This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are almost around the corner. While we prepare ourselves for the joy and celebrations of the holidays, we also have to prepare our finances to get through this season unscathed. Holidays are the time that most of us overspend. There is the pressure to visit …

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Introducing Wallet Life on Wallet

Ever heard of some awesome new service that helps you save some money or whip up some extra cash and were left thinking, “Damn! Why didn’t I hear of this earlier?” So to save you from that FOMO and to make it easier for you to avail the best services, we are introducing a brand …

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How To Create A Realistic Holiday Budget And Stick To It

The fairy lights are already up and holiday tunes are filling the air. It is the season of fun and celebrations. And, also of a lot of spending. According to retail surveys, people around the world are expected to spend upward of $400 per person during the holidays this year. With so many discount offers …

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Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck (And How To Fix Them)

You’re finally doing a job you love and are earning a good enough salary. But is your money running out too soon? Do you find yourself frustrated just days after payday, struggling to come up with ways to pay that nth bill? And, would a tiny emergency send your finances into a tailspin? You’d be …

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How This Millennial Uses Wallet To Bring Order To His Life

All of us are busy and have to remember to do a lot of things. It is, then, quite possible that we may miss out on a few important things. And, maybe these small things are what makes the real difference to our health, relationships, career or dreams. We set out to help ordinary people …

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